online jobs to earn moneyAre you looking for online jobs to earn money from the comfort of your own home? Or maybe you’re travelling and would like extra cash to fund your lifestyle?

Either way, we are lucky to live in the digital age where online jobs to earn money are plentiful. You just have to know where to look to find the legit, well-paying ones.

Many online jobs will involve you working long hours, for someone else, for very little money. A good idea is to spend a few hours each day to start building your own online business, which will make you a lot more money in the long run.

Building your own online business requires a long term over short term mindset. It will take time to plant the seeds, water the seeds and start to see monetary returns.

But if you can stick at it, you will be rewarded in the end.

While you are working on building your own business, you can get one of these online jobs to earn money.

In this article, we will go over 19 of the best jobs to make money online from home.

The last 4 will be the best online businesses to make money that are beginner friendly.


I will split them up into categories to further help you out.


  • Online jobs that pay hourly


  • Online jobs that pay weekly


  • Jobs that pay daily cash


  • Best online businesses to make money


Why Make Money Online from Home?


online jobs to earn money


I have been a freelance writer now for over five years. It’s an income stream that has allowed me to work from home, make money while I travel and set up my office anywhere there is WIFI!

Being a freelancer, you can set your own schedule, enjoy being your own boss and even work in your pajamas if you feel like it.

If you’re anything like me, I got tired of working for a boss and having to travel into my place of work at crazy early times in the morning.

When you make money online from home, you can take back the power and be less of a slave to the clock.

Another way I earn money online is affiliate marketing. It is a great lifestyle business that can be scaled from a side hustle up to a full-time income.

It’s super affordable to start up and you can grow your affiliate business organically, without needing to spend on ads.

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Here’s what’s included;


  • How to launch your own affiliate business in under 10 minutes


  • Find quality products to promote in a profitable niche


  • How to drive traffic for free to your affiliate links


  • Super affiliate blueprint to get leads and sales in under 30 days


  • Exact method taught by a seven-figure affiliate marketer on how to scale your earnings to 5k+ per month in under 90 days


  • Free million-dollar sales funnel you can use in your own business





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Tools Needed to Make Money Online


There are many types of online jobs to earn money from home.

But, competition can be tough, with the rise of online work becoming more and more popular. This is why you need to arm yourself with the correct tools to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

Some top recommended tools needed to make money online are;


  • A laptop and good WIFI connection


  • A decent level of typing and grammar skills (if you will be applying for jobs that involve typing)


  • Relevant qualifications or testimonials. If you don’t have these don’t panic. You can cheap or free training Not all jobs will require proof of skills, but higher paying ones will.


  • A PayPal account or online payment portal to receive funds. Not all will require this but check each jobs method of pay before applying.


Legit Jobs to Earn Money from Home


online jobs to earn money


First we will take a look at online jobs that pay hourly. And I’m also only going to detail jobs that pay $20 or more. Take a look through and see which jobs you think you’d like to do and give them a go.


Here are the best online jobs that pay hourly:


1. VIPKid English Teacher


VIPKid is one of the highest paying platforms to get work teaching English. Pay generally starts at $24 per hour and you can choose the amount of hours and what days you’re available to teach.

Because it is one of the better paying English teaching platforms, their sign-up process is more rigorous. You will need a degree and a teaching qualification like TEFL or TESOL.

They only accept native English speakers and you should have a fast internet connection, Skype and a headset.

Other English teaching platforms to look at are; QKids, Education First and Palfish.


2. Chegg Tutoring


Online tutoring is a flexible online job to earn money from home.

Chegg is one of the best paying tutoring platforms you can sign up to and earn up to $20 per hour.

If you are an expert in a subject, you can apply to tutor someone in that area. Chegg accepts tutors from all around the world but you will need a college degree and to pass a test.

Another online tutoring platform to consider is Course Hero where tutors are earning on average $300 per week.


3. Usertesting Website Tester


Many established businesses and brands require website testers to give them feedback after spending time on their site.

A Usertesting website tester will be given simple tasks to complete and report back after their experience. This will help businesses improve the user experience for their customers.

To be accepted as a Usertester, you will need to perform a simple test and be able to talk clearly through your experience. Basic tools you’ll need are; computer, fast WIFI, a headset, webcam and microphone.

If you get approved, you can start completing paid tasks. Website testing jobs pay $10 per test and take 10-20 minutes.

Other website testing companies to consider are; UserTest, UserFeel and Userlytics.


4. The Social Element Social Media Manager


If you are prolific on social media and have built up a good following on one or all of your accounts, you could become a social media manager.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs need help and don’t have time to manage their own accounts. The Social Element is a company that will match you with clients who need social media services.

Working as a remote social media manager will get you $15-20 per hour.

If you have no experience, check out these 37 free social media and marketing courses to elevate your skills.


5. Belay Virtual Assistant


Belay is a platform that connects virtual assistants, bookkeepers and website specialists with clients that need help.

If you have skills in any of these areas, you can apply for work and if accepted earn up to $20 an hour.

Being a virtual assistant is a top online job to earn money from home, as many people have their own businesses today and need help freeing up their time.

Tasks can include; scheduling appointments, replying to and writing emails, social media management, curating content, editing, customer support, outreach and much more.

There is no definitive list of skills you HAVE to obtain to become a virtual assistant. You can offer the skills you have as a specialist in one area eg; blogging virtual assistant or VA that specializes in email and social management for example.

Take a look at these 7 in demand virtual assistant services.


Here are the best online jobs that pay weekly.


6. Freelance on Fiverr


Fiverr is a popular freelancer platform where anyone can set up a profile and make money online selling their services.

To make yourself stand out on Fiverr, it’s a good idea to go a little more niche.

Some unusual but popular Fiverr gigs are; French Canadian voiceovers, creating creepy horror illustrations, adding humor to a blog or creating funny dog videos.

If your skills are a little more mainstream like content writing, logo design or web development, that’s ok.

Just start off with your rates a little lower, to attract your first gigs and testimonials.

You can charge by the hour or by the project. Funds take 14-days to clear for new sellers and you’ll need a PayPal account.


7. Transcription with TranscribeMe


As a transcriptionist, you will be typing out video and audio recordings into text. Decent typing and listening skills are needed, plus the ability to be accurate otherwise you won’t be accepted as a transcriptionist.

Most transcription sites will require you to take a test, before you can move on to the paid gigs.

The good thing with this type of work is that there will be a steady stream. As video and podcast production has grown, so has the need for transcription.

As you gain more experience, you will have the ability to earn more money. In the beginning you may find it slow going as you improve your typing speed.

Once you complete projects with TranscribeMe and they are approved, you can request pay weekly.

If you enjoy this type of work, think about getting qualifications to be a medical or legal transcriptionist which pays more.

Other transcription companies to consider are; Rev, Quicktate and Scribie.


8. Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker


Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses can get help with microtasks.

Some of the jobs will include image/video processing, data verification and cleanup, information gathering, data processing and much more.

You can take on as many or as few jobs as you like and set your own hours. There are thousands of tasks to choose from daily which you can apply for once you sign up for an MTurk account.

Pay can vary depending on the task, but you can request to withdraw earnings as soon as a job is complete.


9. Digital Tasks on Clickworker


Clickworker is another well-established platform offering online jobs to earn money from home. You will find a range of gigs on Clickworker including;


  • Writing


  • Translating


  • Researching


  • Data processing


You can set your own schedule and complete tasks anywhere you lay your laptop.

Anyone can sign up to Clickworker and make money completing tasks. But, do be aware that certain jobs will have requirements like only accepting applicants with a certain qualification, language skills or need you to complete an assessment.

A recent addition has been the Clickworker app allowing you to complete tasks on the go.

Expect to earn around $10 per hour when you start and up to $20 per hour with more experience.


10. Review Calls with Humantic


This online job to earn money from home is not going to make you rich. But if you like easy money, working for Humantic could be for you.

You’ve probably heard before when on the phone; ‘’this call is being recorded’’. Humantic provides this service for businesses, helping them review their calls.

Working for Humantic allows you to set your own schedule and make money by simply listening to a call and answering a question.

Pay is only around $5 per hour, but little training is needed and its easy money.

Other call review sites to consider are; Call Center QA and Accolade Support.


Here are the best jobs that pay daily cash


11. Complete Tasks on Field Agent


Many online jobs to earn money from home can become repetitive – but not Field Agent.

Once you’ve downloaded their app, you can complete a range of tasks including mystery shops, retail audits, digital product demonstrations and market research.

Field agents are basically collecting data for companies, so they can improve business processes.

Work is available in seven countries and you can work as little or as much as you want.

Payment is instant after a task is completed through PayPal or Dwolla and expect to earn between $3 and $12 per job.


12. Collect Data for GigWalk


Gigwalk is another app you can download to your phone and find paid jobs or ‘gigs’ in your area.

Once you are signed up, you’ll see a map with pins in. Those pins represent a ‘gig’ that you can apply to fulfil which can take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours to complete.

Some common ‘gigs’ are going to retail locations and taking photos of products, shelf displays or event promotions.

Pay can vary anywhere between $3 right up to $100.


13. Contribute at Picky Domains


Picky Domains is a naming service for businesses wanting help creating cool slogans or naming their websites.

If you have a knack for coming up with catchy names, you can become a contributor to make extra cash.

It’s free to sign up and once you’re on the platform you can start submitting suggestions. If your name gets picked, you’ll earn 40-70% of the order value which can make you $25-$75.

Not bad for a few minutes work! Plus, the more successful suggestions you make, the higher commissions you’ll get.

Pay is made through PayPal and you can withdraw funds instantly.


14. Write for Clearvoice


If you have a knack for the written word, freelance writing is a top online job to earn money from home.

Clearvoice is a long-standing, reputable platform the joins writers with clients and has a good flow of regular work to choose from.

You can select your own rates and choose what topics you want to write in. Plus, you set your own schedule and apply for as many or as little writing jobs as you want.

After you fulfil assignments and they are approved, you will be paid into your PayPal account right away. No messing about with invoices!


15. Take Surveys on Survey Junkie


I know completing online surveys isn’t going to make you a full-time wage, but its easy work. A good idea is to sign up to multiple survey sites and take more than one survey at a time.

Survey Junkie is one of the few that actually pay cash to your PayPal account, not points you can only exchange for gifts. It’s got a super-fast sign-up process so you can be earning in a few minutes.

Once you reach a $10 threshold you can cash out.

Some other online survey sites to consider are; Swagbucks and Pinecone research.


Best Online Businesses to Make Money


live your dream life


Now we are going to look at the best online businesses to make money.

These can start as a side hustle, while you make money working for another online company. But if you keep growing your own business, it can turn from a fun hobby into a lucrative full-time career.

Even if you only have a few hours a day to work on your own online business, this is enough if you’re consistent.


Here are the 4 best online businesses to make money.


1. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is such a simple business model anyone can start.

One good thing about it is, there are many ways you can make money affiliate marketing allowing you to choose the avenue that suits you.

I know people who have been super successful in many types of affiliate marketing. Here are some ways to start affiliate marketing;


  • Start a YouTube channel. Creating niche videos to educate your audience is a great way to make money affiliate marketing. Choose products that relate to your niche and promote them in the description of your videos.


  • Create a niche blog. Building a blog and getting traffic takes time but it can become a valuable asset in the future. One top blogger; Michelle from Making Sense of Cents makes over $100,000 a month from her blog, 60% of that from affiliate marketing.


  • Facebook affiliate marketing. A popular way to make money affiliate marketing is through Facebook. Take time to optimize your profile to show your authority in a niche and start a group where you can gather leads and build relationships. Whatever niche affiliate products you sell; you will find people looking for answers on Facebook. Just don’t be spammy!


  • Instagram affiliate marketing. Many Instagram influencers make great money from affiliate marketing and brand deals. Obviously, you need to take the time on this platform to build up followers before people will trust you enough to buy.


Read: How to start affiliate marketing in 2020 (an actionable guide).


Join the FREE affiliate marketing training here.


2. Start a Niche Blog


A blog is a digital asset and you have to treat it that way. It won’t make you money right away, but just like a house, it will be worth a lot in the future if you look after it.

It’s super cheap to start a blog costing you only a few dollars a month for hosting. Check out how to set up a WordPress website on Siteground here.

Choose a niche you are passionate about and know a little bit about to centre your blog around. You will have to write a lot of content in the beginning, so it’s a good idea to enjoy what you’ll be writing about.

After your blog is set up, get yourself a posting schedule and stick to it.

Promote your posts across social media and work on driving traffic to your blog from sites like Quora and Pinterest.

Once you have some great content uploaded, reach out to other well-established blogs to write guest posts for them. Getting links back to your blog will build its authority and start to send you more traffic.

Eventually, you can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, advertisements, sponsored posts, selling ebooks, courses and even coaching services.


3. Rent Out Websites


If you have some decent tech skills are able to build professional websites, you can make money by helping local businesses get more leads.

Being a website landlord is much like being a home landlord, you own the property and rent it out to people who need it for a monthly fee.

This is a top job to earn money from home and can give you recurring income for a lifetime.

Many businesses may have a website but don’t know how to get it to the first page of Google. Companies on the first page will get 90% of the business in a sector. This is where you come in.

You can build a niche website, say for a plumbing business in Liverpool. Take time to build it up and get it to the first page of Google.

Once you’ve done this, you can reach out to plumbing businesses in Liverpool on the second or third page of Google for certain keywords.

Tell them you have built this plumbing website and promoted it to get it to number 1 on Google.

Offer to rent it out to them for a monthly fee.

Enjoy monthly income forever, while your new website buyer enjoys getting 1,000s more leads a month.

Rinse and repeat.


Check out this article from Diggity Marketing detailing how to ‘rank and rent’ websites.


4. Build a Dropshipping Business


Dropshipping is one of the simplest and most profitable online jobs to earn money.

It has never been easier to start your own online shop with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce giving you everything you need.

The dropshipping model has become hugely popular for entrepreneurs over the years, due to there being such a low barrier to entry.

Inside Shopify, you can easily build your store, add products to sell, get help with promotion and have products sent to buyers with you literally not having to lift a finger.

You don’t even have to store products you’re selling, which means you won’t overbuy and waste money if a product doesn’t sell.

One thing you will have to focus on, is driving traffic to your store. You can do this by building up your social media presence, running competitions, writing on your blog and investing in ads.


Check out what these 10 successful e-commerce companies did to stand out in their industries and grow their businesses.


Extra Tips – Online Jobs to Earn Money from Home


As you can see, there are many ways to make money online and multiple opportunities to build your own business.

You may start with the easy jobs in the beginning, that don’t pay as well but remember you can take bump up your earnings with online surveys and easy website tester jobs.

Here’s some extra content and useful resources to help you out;










Have you tried any of these online jobs to earn money? I’d love to know what your experiences have been…


online jobs to earn money


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