Let’s take a look at the 21 highest paying digital nomad careers in 2020! Yes, you can leave your 9-5 cage and get a high paying remote job.

If you’ve ever dreamed of the digital nomad life, working from anywhere, I’m here to tell you it is possible. Digital nomads and remote workers are not some special gifted breed; they are just people who have managed to build that type of life for themselves.

All you need is a laptop, decent Wi-Fi and the tenacity to find out what type of remote work is right for you. If you are determined, it’s entirely possible to transition into the digital nomad life and replace your 9-5 wage plus even more in 3-6 months.

The highest paying digital nomad careers 2020 I will list today are lucrative, but some may need a little experience to get to the high income. But, don’t worry if you don’t have the experience, as I’ll discuss where you can get training and build up testimonials to make yourself stand out.

Right, before we dive into the 21 highest paying digital nomad careers 2020, let’s get everything clear.


What Does ‘Digital Nomad’ Mean?


A ‘digital nomad’ is someone who works remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, co-working spaces, a recreational vehicle or wherever the hell they like! They may also conduct their life in a nomadic manner having no fixed address. Basically, anywhere they lay their laptop is home!


highest paying digital nomad careers 2020


Why Become a Digital Nomad?


The reason why someone becomes a digital nomad will be different for each person. I became a digital nomad as I’d always dreamed of living in foreign/hot countries, I wanted more freedom in my work life and I’d always wanted to build my own business to be my own boss.

You may have different reasons. But, some great reasons why you should become a digital nomad are;


  • You can live life on your own terms
  • You’ll work to live not live to work
  • Your time will be more free – you decide when to work
  • You can make anywhere your office
  • No busy commute to work
  • Work on building your own, lucrative online business
  • Enjoy new cultures and great weather
  • Your income is infinitely scalable


highest paying digital nomad careers


Highest Paying Digital Nomad Careers List


This list of 21 highest paying digital nomad careers 2020 includes some of the best remote jobs. But, this list is not exhaustive as it would be impossible to include everything.

Know, that there is no one way to digital nomad freedom and it’s important to find a way that suits you. If you love variety, you can even take on multiple remote jobs to keep things interesting.

Take a look through and jot down the jobs that align with your passions and interests. Next, take a look at the training section of each to get yourself skilled up.


I’ve included free and paid training options for each.


1. Freelance Writing



If you enjoy writing and have a good grasp of the English language, you can make money online as a writer. There are a few ways you can make money writing;


  • A freelance copywriter works with businesses to write ‘copy’ for them to aid with marketing and sales. Work can include writing sales pages, brochures, email sequences, product descriptions, website copy, landing pages and blog content. Their main job is to get readers to convert, so being SEO savvy is essential.
  • Content writer. This type of writer can work directly with businesses or digital marketing agencies. Work can include writing keyword-rich blog articles, social media content, entertaining articles, product descriptions and website copy.
  • A blogger has their own blog and writes content in a particular niche. Topics are limitless with some popular ones being; travel, fashion, parenting, make money online, food, finance and health. Money is made through affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsorships and selling products.
  • Write EBooks. If you have knowledge to share with the world, creating your own value-packed EBooks can be a lucrative income. These can be a great passive source of income and can be published easily on sites like Amazon, Google Play, Blurb and Smashwords.


Where to Get Freelance Writing Training?






2. Digital Marketer


highest paying digital nomad careers 2020


A digital marketer is second on the list of highest paying digital nomad careers 2020. This job role helps someone grow their online presence through social media and Google. Large businesses and solo entrepreneurs may use the help of a digital marketer.

Projects can range from one-off, to ongoing digital marketing assistance. Remember, you don’t need to be an expert in every digital marketing aspect when you begin, focus on one area at the start and master it.

Work as a digital marketer can include;


  • Building social media pages
  • Creating sales funnels and landing pages
  • Content creating and marketing
  • Creating tailored marketing strategies


Where to Get Digital Marketer Training?






3. Social Media Manager


social media marketing

This type of remote job possibility entails helping businesses build their presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. You can work for a company and receive a salary or freelance with multiple clients.

Make sure you have a strong presence on your own social media accounts as a prospective client will check this out. Social media manager work can include;


  • Build a tailored social media strategy
  • Creating and scheduling social content
  • Replying to messages and interacting with an audience
  • Analyze data and tweak campaigns
  • Writing and scheduling ad campaigns
  • Looking after blogs. Writing and posting content


Where to Get Social Media Manager Training?







4. Affiliate Marketer


highest paying digital nomad careers 2020


Affiliate marketing is recommending a product to your audience and receiving a commission for anyone who buys through your link.

You can do this by starting a blog or website, creating a YouTube channel or by building up an audience on social media. There is no right or wrong, you just need to focus on the way that works best for you.


Read here: How to start affiliate marketing without a blog.


If you have the right determination and work ethic, it’s possible to scale an affiliate marketing career from passive to super lucrative. It can take some time to get the cash rolling in, meaning you need a strong mindset to actually ‘make it’.

But if you stick with it, affiliate marketing can be a brilliant way to fund your digital nomad career. Building an affiliate marketing business requires you to;


  • Choose a product to promote in a niche
  • Pick one traffic source where your ideal customer hangs out and connect with people
  • Create valuable content daily
  • Drive traffic to your offers
  • Create an offer around your affiliate product
  • Turn leads into sales


Where to Get Affiliate Marketing Training?






5. Website Designer


website designer courses


A website designer creates beautiful websites that offer streamlined user experiences. They will need to have a grasp on basic coding, plus some sort of graphic design software and basic analytics.

Website designers can work for companies or as freelancers developing websites. A day in the life of a website designer can include;


  • Developing websites
  • Maintaining websites
  • Designing new brand strategies
  • Creating logos and promotional material


Where to Get Website Designer Training?






6. SEO Specialist


highest paying digital nomad careers 2020


The job of an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist is to get a website on the first page of Google in the highest spot possible.

They will be well versed in SEO tactics being able to analyse, review and implement a range of changes to a website to make it rank. An SEO specialist can work as a freelancer or for a company. A good SEO specialist will be able to;


  • Solve problems and make decisions
  • Be able to test and implement a range of SEO techniques
  • Be well versed in link building
  • Have in-depth knowledge of keyword research
  • Understand the importance of SEO copywriting and be able to develop a content strategy


Where to Get SEO Specialist Training?






7. Computer Programmer


highest paying digital nomad careers


A computer programmer role is one of the highest paying digital nomad careers in 2020. This job requires you to create code for operating systems and software applications.

A strong technical knowledge and attention to detail is needed to thrive as a programmer. Jobs are typically full-time but many companies now hire part-time freelancers. A computer programmer will;


  • Design/write/test/debug/troubleshoot and maintain the source code of computer programmes
  • Develop new web-based information
  • Integrate new functionality into existing applications
  • Create and publish technical diagrams to support coding efforts


Where to Get Computer Programmer Training?






8. App Developer


app developer


App developers are one of the highest paying digital nomad careers in 2020. An app developer is a software engineer who creates and tests apps for a range of electronic devices.

Apps can range from game apps, banking apps, health apps and many others. App developers usually work in teams alongside data scientists, graphic artists and other software experts. Typical work will include;


  • Brainstorm with team and client to develop an idea for an app
  • Work on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
  • Stay aware of best practices, coding and terminology for coding mobile apps
  • Work on innovation app functionality and design


Where to Get App Developer Training?





  • Coursera
  • EdX
  • Treehouse


9. Website Flipping


website flipping


Websites are no longer just hobbies for people, but now are a main source of income, business promotion and as a store-front. A well designed, SEO optimised website can be a valuable asset and this inspired the growth of website flipping.

This is the practice of buying and selling websites (flipping). If you know what you’re doing, you can make a decent income website flipping. Ways to make money website flipping;


  • Purchase a low ranking site, improve it and flip it for a higher rate
  • Buy a more established site to generate ad revenue
  • Buy an already active website and re-direct the traffic to your current website
  • Buy a community-driven, niche website to promote a certain product to
  • Keep an eye out for great domain names and website niches that have the potential to explode in the future


Where to Get Website Flipping Training?





  • Marketers Advantage, Master Domaining
  • Udemy


10. YouTuber or Vlogger


create a YouTube channel


Becoming a vlogger or YouTuber is definitely one of the highest paying digital nomad careers. There are multiple ways to make money on YouTube with a niche channel.

Many YouTubers earn a lucrative income by creating tutorials, review videos, gaming videos, funny videos, travel videos and vlogs of their daily life.

Money is made through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships and selling products. It’s important to remember it can take time to build up an audience that will buy and to make money from YouTube ads: you need 1000+ subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. A day in the life of a YouTuber can include;


  • Shooting, editing and uploading niche videos or vlogs
  • Brainstorming ideas for new content
  • Collaborating with other YouTubers
  • Many vloggers and YouTubers will run other businesses
  • Promoting videos across other social media channels


Where to Get YouTuber Training?





  • Udemy
  • Skillshare


11. Online English Teacher


become an online english teacher


Teaching English online is a great way to earn money online as a digital nomad. You can choose your own hours which means you can work classes around your travel schedule.

Some teaching platforms will require you to have a degree or a teaching qualification like a TEFL or TESOL but some do not. Teachers can earn in the range of $10-$30 an hour depending on what company you work for.


Require degree or teaching qualification;


No degree or teaching qualification required;

  • Cambly
  • Palfish
  • SkimaTalk
  • Lingoda
  • Open English


Where to Get an Online Teacher Certification?


While some online English teaching platforms do not require you to have a qualification, if you want the higher-paying jobs it can pay to get a TEFL or TESOL.

Prices can vary to take the online training courses depending on who you study with. You can take a look at the paid course opportunities here.


12. Business Consultant


business plan


Business consultants can earn a great income. Some lucrative areas of consulting are; operations consulting, financial consulting, IT consulting, small business consulting and strategy consulting.

Have a think about your skills and what type of problems you can solve and define your target customer. You can work as a freelance consultant or get a full-time position with a company. Business consultants work on;


  • Developing business plans
  • Implementing marketing tactics
  • Educating business owners
  • Improving business processes and the bottom line


Where to Get Business Consulting Training?






13. Graphic Designer


canva design school


If you are a creative type and love to work with imagery, becoming a graphic designer could be the ideal digital nomad career.

Work can include the design and production of websites, brochures, magazines, advertisements and reports. It’s an in-demand and profitable remote position. A graphic designer will;


  • Use software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, IDesign, Creative Cloud
  • Liaise with clients and colleagues to brainstorm graphic design needs
  • Coordinate layouts, typefaces and images
  • Will work on revisions when needed


Where to Get Graphic Designer Training?





  • Skilledup
  • Next-G Education


14. Instagram Influencer


instagram influencer


Instagram influencers earn money through a mix of affiliate marketing and brand deals. You need to spend a good amount of time building your audience, creating an appealing Instagram aesthetic, choosing the right hashtags to find your audience and creating content daily that will keep followers engaged.

Reports show influencers with 100,000+ followers can charge $2,700 per post and ones with millions of followers can get upwards of $6,000 per post! A day in the life of an Instagrammer;


  • Taking awesome photos and videos daily
  • Editing and uploading awesome imagery with engaging descriptions
  • Attending events and networking
  • Creating Instagram stories
  • Creating a beautiful Instagram timeline
  • When you have enough followers, securing promotional deals with companies
  • Replying to commenters


highest paying digital nomad careers


Where to Get Instagram Influencer Training?






15. Video Editor


video editor


Video editors take raw video clips and arrange them into a smooth, engaging end video. Material an editor works with includes; video footage, dialogue, graphics, sound effects and sometimes special effects.

A great job for creatives and tech lovers, who know how to visually impact an audience. You will work closely with the director/creator of the film to get the required end result. This is definitely one of the highest paying digital nomad careers. Video editors will;


  • Assist with video recording when required
  • Edit and assemble raw footage to tell a story
  • Develop scripts
  • Add in text, animations, music, special effects and sound bites
  • Align the final version to where it will be posted


Where to Get Video Editor Training?






16. Online Fitness Coach


personal training online


The fitness industry is booming and the online fitness industry will continue to grow. Especially with this Coronavirus, many more people are working from home and even exercising at home and this is where you can help out.

An online fitness coach creates training programmes on Apps like Trainerize and Coach Pro. It’s best to target a niche you can relate to like Mums over 40 or busy dads with kids and market your programmes towards these people. An online fitness coach will;


  • Create personalised fitness programmes on a fitness app
  • Outreach for clients on social media
  • Build a website or sales funnel to funnel leads to your sales page
  • Offer incentives like free sessions or discounts to entice new customers
  • Create meal plans, keep track of weight and measurements
  • Keep timelines of progress
  • Post group challenges on social media to keep community engaged


Where to Get Online Fitness Coach Training?



  • While there are no regulations for online PTs, anyone can become one. It’s a good idea to have experience in training actual clients and have an accredited qualification




17. Dropshipping


highest paying digital nomad careers


Dropshipping is the act of the vendor (you), fulfilling customer orders from a third party by shipping them directly to the customer. Because you ship it directly from the wholesaler, you get a huge discount which can make you a decent profit on each item.

It’s easy to set up your own store on platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce which will have everything you need. It’s best to sell in a specific niche so you can focus your marketing efforts to this area. A dropshipper will;

  • Research profitable products to add to their store
  • Design and optimise their store
  • Write content for their blog to gain more organic traffic
  • Advertise the store and products on social media
  • Give discounts and free giveaways to get leads onto an email list
  • Monitor and fulfil sales when they come through
  • Deal with any refunds


Where to Get Dropshipping Training?





  • The Complete Dropshipping Shopify Course (Udemy)
  • Oberlo101
  • Dropship Blueprint by Storecoach


18. Virtual Assistant (VA)


highest paying digital nomad careers


A VA provides support to other businesses in various fields from a remote location. Many businesses are seeing the value of a virtual assistant over a normal secretary or PA as they don’t have to pay costs like for a desk, food, travel or expenses.

You can set up a freelance VA business or work solely for one company. You are free to offer whatever assistance you feel confident with. Some duties can include;


  • Social media managing, monitoring, engaging, updating
  • Research competitors, blog content ideas
  • Data entry
  • E-commerce tasks
  • Email managing, sending, sorting
  • Chat support/answering support tickets
  • Calendar management


Where to Get Virtual Assistant Training?






19. Podcaster


spotify for podcasters


Being a podcaster is kind of like being a radio show host, except anyone can do it! Once you’ve decided on the topic for your podcast and given it a memorable name, you can upload your audio files to a podcasting website for people to listen to.

Podcasts make money from ads with reports showing that for every 1,000 listeners you can approximately make $25-$40. A podcaster will;


  • Brainstorm ideas for podcast content
  • Upload audio files daily, weekly or monthly depending on goals
  • Work on marketing your podcast
  • Collaborate with others
  • Create episode artwork
  • Edit and schedule podcasts


Where to Get Podcaster Training?






20. Pinterest Manager


highest paying digital nomad careers


A dedicated Pinterest manager will be responsible for designing your board, creating pins and getting new customers eyes on your brand.

Pins can be a mix of blog/video content, pins of products, how-to pins, before and after pins, GIFs, images with overlays, infographics and other businesses pins. As a dedicated Pinterest manager you can choose which services you offer;


  • Manage multiple Pinterest accounts
  • Design and add pins to boards
  • Promote pins
  • Schedule content
  • Optimise Pinterest accounts
  • Manage blogs
  • Analyse Pinterest traffic


Where to Get Pinterest Manager Training?






21. User Experience Researcher


highest paying digital nomad careers


An experienced user experience researcher is one of the highest paying digital nomad careers in 2020. A user experience researcher will monitor the behaviours, motivations and needs of customers who visit certain websites, mobile apps and products.

This will be done using observation and conducting simple tasks while talking through the experience. Information gathered will help businesses develop their products and improve customer experience on their website. Some duties a user researcher will perform are;


  • Research planning and recruitment
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Present insights to teams or a business owner


Where to Get User Experience Researcher Training?






Final Thoughts on The Best Digital Nomad Careers


Now you know the 21 highest paying digital nomad careers for 2020. There are many ways to make money online by working remotely. It’s important to find the right job for you that aligns with your passions and skills.

Work for a company, become a freelancer or start your own business — it’s up to you!

What will make you stand apart from the rest though, is getting yourself some skills. Whichever digital nomad career you choose, increase your knowledge by taking a course, find your unique selling point or speciality and learn how to market yourself on social media.

Which of the highest paying digital nomad careers will you choose for 2020?


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