myths about affiliate marketingYou might currently be trying out a little bit of affiliate marketing and have heard some affiliate marketing myths. Or you may know someone who is deep up to their knees in their affiliate marketing business and living the life of riley!

Wherever you are on the affiliate marketing ladder, you may still be a little bit skeptical about whether building an affiliate marketing business is for you, or whether it’s just a whole big SCAM!

If you’re feeling doubtful about whether it’s possible to make money with affiliate marketing, I do hear ya! I’ve been there and have been in the skeptical gang before.

But I’m here to squash some of those doubts for you and talk about how a lot of the myths you’ve heard about affiliate marketing, are simply WRONG.

Read on to find out which are the most common myths and let me change your mind about them.


1. It’s Expensive to Set Up an Affiliate Marketing Business

I’ve heard it a lot – ‘’I don’t have enough money to start up my own affiliate marketing business. It’s simply too expensive’’. I’m here to tell you it’s NOT super expensive to set up an affiliate marketing business and it can be done on a budget when you begin.

Yes, there is lots of expensive software, courses and shiny toys out there you can buy, if you have the money to gain success faster, but it’s completely possible to start up your own online business and start making affiliate commissions by leveraging organic traffic and free social media sites.

It’s FREE to have a social media account, it’s FREE to start a YouTube channel and it’s FREE to have an email account. These are the 3 main things you need to start up your own affiliate marketing business. All you need to provide is a laptop and WIFI connection (plus the drive to take action) and you’re good to go!


2. The Market is Too Saturated, There’s No Room For Me

If the market you intend to build your business in is saturated, this is a GOOD thing! It means there’s money to be made and thanks to the internet, you’re not fighting for customers alongside everyone else in your neighbourhood.

You can connect and sell to customers all over the world, so there IS room for everyone. Making money online is a popular niche and many people need help in this area. The same as the health and relationship niches.

These markets are busy, but find the people that resonate with YOU and they will follow you over the thousands of others out there in the same niche.


3. You Have to Be a Super Tech Wizard to Succeed

Believe me I’m a tech idiot and I struggle with every new thing I have to do online. But the one good thing is; when I decide to do something I’m pretty pig-headed and I’ll do everything I can to work out how to do it.

I’m lucky enough to of joined a great community to teach me how to build a successful affiliate marketing business and they’re great to reach out to if I struggle with something.


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Also, when I started with Get Response (an email autoresponder) and Clickfunnels (a funnel building platform), I did find it difficult setting things up.

But luckily they have great live chat or email support where there’s always someone on hand to help. And again going back to this awesome thing called the internet we’re all lucky enough to have access to, there’s a blog post or video tutorial on just about ANYTHING you need to learn about!

So when you start as a beginner affiliate marketer, YES things will seem tough if you’re not gifted with tech, but if you really want to do something, all the answers are out there for you to find.

You need to commit to mastery and learning something for longer than just 5 minutes and giving up.

If you struggle with a certain techy thing, take the whole weekend immersing yourself in tutorials and books to learn the skills you need. Practice it daily from then on until it becomes easy!

If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!


Ignore those affiliate marketing myths and just get started!



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