youtube channels to make moneySo, you’re looking for inspiration and want to know the must-watch YouTube channels for making money? This is great — you are in the right place!

If you’ve decided 2020 is the year to create financial freedom for yourself and maybe even to kick the 9-5 to the curb and start carving out a new, lucrative online career, let me first applaud you!

Building your own business and making money online is a tough slog, I’m not going to lie, but…. it will be the BEST thing you ever do. To help you on your quest for financial growth, I’ve decided to put together a list of the 7 must-watch YouTube channels for making money.

Many YouTubers have built their fortune by helping others out with ‘how to’ videos. Entrepreneurs young and old have taken to YouTube to share their financial knowledge and if you find the right videos they can transform your life.


Recommended YouTube Influencers for Top Money Making Tips

There are many great channels on YouTube to follow. But, with so much information out there, it’s advised to pick a handful you align with and follow them religiously ignoring all the other shiny objects around you.

Overwhelm is real! Don’t be someone who lets it get to them.

If you follow these 7 must-watch YouTube channels for making money, take notes and start taking action, you’ll be on the way to improving your bank balance.

The channels I detail have all been super inspirational to me. They not all necessarily the biggest channels on YouTube, but ones that have great content and you can learn a lot from!


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Wholesale Ted

Having joined YouTube in 2014 this lady has blazed a trail to financial freedom with her YouTube channel. Sharing tips on e-commerce business building, print on demand and multiple other ways to make money online, you’ll learn a lot scrolling through her videos.

Wholesale Ted has 453k subscribers at the time of writing and Sarah has her own course teaching you how to set up and profit from your own e-commerce store. Quirky video deliveration and actionable beginner content make this channel a must watch. Download Sarah’s free eBook on 6-steps to 6 figures with an online store.

Also, take a gander at how to create an e-commerce store with Shopify and Ali Express;



Freedom Influencer

Number 2 on my list of 7 must-watch YouTube channels for making money, Nathan Lucas is the Freedom Influencer and has been roaming YouTube land since 2014. He posts videos on affiliate marketing, passive income, mindset and motivation and has built up 378k subscribers at the time of writing this.

Having a binge-watch of Nathans videos, will give you some great information on how to start and scale an online business while keeping it going with a strong mindset. And, believe me – you need a strong mindset to make money online!

Check out his video detailing how to train your mind for success;



Big Mark

Joining the big ole YouTube tub in 2012, Mark or ‘Big Mark’ has built up his channel to a whopping 429k subscribers. His quirky video style educates freedom dreamers on how to kick the 9-5 to the curb and carve out a path making money online.

Learn how to make fast cash typing names, copy and pasting, watching videos, uploading files and sometimes…. doing nothing! You’ll even get to learn more long term money making methods like building niche YouTube channels and affiliate marketing.

Check out this tutorial on how to make $5000 a month uploading simple videos;



Nate O’Brien

Nate has been carving out his YouTube empire since 2016 and shoots videos helping others to be financially successful. Investing, personal finance and minimalism are his focus and he talks openly about how he sets and achieves his goals.

Join him along for the ride to learn how to; stop living paycheck to paycheck, to retire at 30 and how to minimalise your life. Nate started by selling products on eBay which allowed him to travel the world and still study at the same time. A true inspiration that I wish I was more like in my 20s!

Check out his video – 7 steps to financial freedom;



Shaz/Passive Profits

Shaz is a channel I’ve been following for a while and love his down to earth, non braggy, honest style. Having a cool 11.3k subscribers, Shaz will teach you passive profit strategies, online business, personal finance and how to scale a YouTube channel.

If you want to get some extra dollaroos flowing in, Shaz is your man and he’s always on hand to answer questions and reply to comments. Kick back, grab the popcorn and binge watch a load of Shaz’s videos and you’ll be well on the way to upping the bank balance.

Check out his 10 money tips for teenagers;



Reyes The Entrepreneur

I came across this guy on YouTube and first watched his videos about being homeless, living in his car!? He videoed himself, his daily struggles and how he built himself back up again by saving as much as he could to get back into an apartment.

Fast forwards quite a few years and this guy is kicking butt with 330k YouTube subscribers and a ton of useful video content on subjects like –  starting a business with a vending machine, making print on demand t-shirts, doordashing and starting a car detailing business.

Check out his video on starting a vending machine business from home;



Zach Crawford

I love a rags to riches story and Zach Crawford went from minus 50k to millionaire. It took a terrible motorbike accident and to fall the depths of depression before he decided to take control and go find his fortune.

After packing up all his stuff and selling the rest off, Zach moved to the Philippines to build his own business. Within a few years, he was topping affiliate leader boards and now teaches others to reach the same heights through building their own successful businesses online.

His YouTube channel covers topics in-depth like; affiliate marketing, social media marketing, blogging, personal development and lifestyle design.

I love his down to earth, no B.S style – telling you it’s not a get rich quick scheme. And, if you want even a tiny sniff of the success he’s achieved, you have to work your butt off, kick failure to the side and keep an iron-clad mindset! Check out his inspirational tale here;




Zach has a FREE training webinar here, where he details his 3-step system on how to sell other people’s PROVEN products for big profits.

must watch youtube channels for making money




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