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Whatever industry you decide to build a business in, it’s likely you’ll make some mistakes in the early days. But the thing is, that’s ok and it’s part of the process that 99% of any other entrepreneur will go through. As a beginner affiliate marketer, there’s a lot to learn and sometimes it can take a while to get it right.

As a beginner affiliate marketer myself and having talked to lots of other experienced affiliate marketers, I’ve learned that the lessons never stop! Affiliate marketing and making money online is a fast moving environment and just when you get a handle on one thing, there’s another new piece of software or way of doing things on the market.

It’s hard to keep up, believe me I know!

My best advice is to not beat yourself up if you make a mistake or multiple mistakes. Just know it’s part of the process and failure actually will teach you a lot.

Just don’t be the type of beginner affiliate marketer who throws in the towel and gives up after making a few mistakes. Acknowledge them, learn from them and move on.

Mistake #1 – Having a Short Term Over a Long Term Mindset

It’s so hard not to listen to the ‘’gurus’’ who stand in front of a Ferrari and tell you they made enough money to buy it in a few months. You have to realise, most of these people are not telling the whole truth and have probably put years of hard work in behind the scenes they don’t show you, to get to the Ferrari buying stage.

You have to think long-term when you’re starting as a beginner affiliate marketer. While it’s entirely possible to start making some affiliate commissions in a few months, it’s more likely you’ll have to build your brand up over 6-12 months before you see monetary gains.

Mistake #2 – Not Having a Business Plan

beginner affiliate marketers

If you start out as a beginner affiliate marketer with no plan, it’s likely you’ll flit about doing random things but never doing anything consistently. To build any business online or off, you need to take consistent action and as time moves on, add other strategies into your business to drive things forward.

Think about a top class athlete. Does he just do random exercises each day and just work out now and again!?


He has a plan and he sticks to that plan consistently until he gets enough strength, until he can run that mile in his best time or he is at the right weight to perform his chosen sport. Without a plan, he’d never get to where he needs to be to be the best and the same goes for you starting an affiliate marketing business.

Fail to plan, plan to fail!!

Mistake #3 – Only Thinking About Making Money

This was a tough one for me in the start of my affiliate marketing journey, because even though I was earning money from freelance writing, I really wanted to up my earnings and make money from my new affiliate business as fast as possible.

I’m sure we can all relate – making money is important and it makes life a lot better to have more of it. And, if you’re currently in debt, or have money struggles I get it’s hard not to think about making money and wanting to make it quickly.

The thing is, the whole world is a ball of energy and our thoughts are energy. If you’re constantly putting out thoughts into the universe about not having money, being stressed about money or needing money fast, it’s likely you will repel money.

It will probably also mean, you’ll only see potential customers as ATM machines, instead of someone who you can give value and help to improve their lives.

Disengage from the making money thoughts all the time and focus on building your brand, building your authority in a niche and helping your potential customers.

The money will follow.

Mistake #4 – Not Investing in Themselves

In today’s world, many people go to university or college for 4-6 years, come out the other side with a qualification they can’t get a job with, plus tens of thousands of pounds in debt!?

Or, some people will spend $200 on a night out and another $100 on a pair of shoes and $500 or a Luis Vuitton bag!?

But investing $1,000 in themselves to get a mentor or course to give them the exact blueprint and support they need to build a successful business, seems to send some people running?

As a beginner affiliate marketer, investing in a course run by a marketer who is living the life you want, has proven results and testimonials and will give you support to help you get the success you want, is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

It’s not throwing money away. That $1,000 you spend on a course is an investment in YOU and your knowledge. If you stick at it and take action on all the mentor teaches you, you’ll make that $1,000 back and more in a day in 6-12 months’ time.

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You’ll never get the money back you spent on alcohol, those shoes or that overpriced handbag!

Mistake #5 – Being Too Scared to Go Out of Their Comfort Zone

beginner affiliate marketer

When I first started as a beginner affiliate marketer, my mentor told me a story of how when he did his first Facebook live, he had to get drunk because he was so scared. He said he’d avoided it for months as he was too terrified to do it but his mentor had told him that to be successful, you have to do things that other people aren’t willing to do and success lies outside of your comfort zone.

Just like if you want to be a professional football player, staying at home lying on the couch in your comfy zone will get you nowhere. You have to practice daily sometimes early in the morning when everyone else is in bed.

People watch more videos today than ever before, so if you’re scared to be on camera, now is the time to get over that fear and start doing videos. You will reach way more potential customers through doing videos on YouTube and Facebook than writing articles or just doing text posts.

If you’re scared to do something as a beginner affiliate marketer, remember you’re not the first one to ever feel that way. The only difference is that the successful affiliate marketer pushed out of his comfort zone and did what he was scared of anyway.

Mistake #6 – Not Building an Email List

Luckily I listened to my mentor from the start and started collecting emails from people asking to join my Facebook group. It’s recently become apparent how important this is, because I’ve had my Facebook account closed down for apparently violating a rule (which I have no idea what that was)!

So until Facebook decide to message me and tell me what I’ve done wrong, I can’t get back into my profile or my Facebook group to talk to my tribe I’ve built up.

But, because I collected their email addresses, I can still keep in touch with them and I haven’t lost all my potential customers it took me a lot of effort to find and connect with.

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Even if you do have all your social media accounts intact, email marketing is still one of the best ways to sell products as an affiliate marketer. But don’t just pitch in every email, focus on the jab jab hook method which is basically; two value emails and one pitch.

Mistake #7 – Not Having Actual Real Conversations with People

It took me a while to learn this – I would be so focused on getting people into my group and thinking about what to post on Facebook and YouTube I would never go past the ‘’hi how are you? Thanks for joining my group’’ stage.

Yes, you need to put out valuable content that helps people. Yes, you need to outreach and get people into your group. But it doesn’t stop there, you need to talk to people like real people and not just try to sell to them.

Ask them what their dreams and desires are. Ask them why they haven’t achieved what they want in life yet? Ask them what they are struggling with?

Show them you care and are listening. Then you can find out if your product will actually be a good fit for them. Never just try to sell someone a product that isn’t right for them, just to make a quick buck. This won’t give you any longevity in the affiliate marketing world.

Mistake #8 – Trying to Be On Every Social Media Platform

beginner affiliate marketer

This will be a big factor in your success as a beginner affiliate marketer. Some of you may have full-time jobs, some may have families or some may just have a lot of commitments going on when you’re trying to set up your new business.

If you try to be on every social media platform at the start, you’ll cause yourself to get overwhelmed, stressed, not as effective and it may possible make you want to give up.

Choose one social media platform to start on as a beginner affiliate marketer and master it. This could be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter or any other platform you like.

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Commit to 1-2 hours a day or whatever spare time you have to post on your chosen platform, start to build up a tribe and consistently give value.

As you progress over time and maybe when you start to make your first few affiliate commissions, then think about adding another social media platform to your arsenal. Just make sure you’re able to handle the posting schedule and remember you don’t need to be on every platform to make money affiliate marketing.

Mistake #9 – Letting Failure Get You Down

As a beginner affiliate marketer, you will make mistakes and that is ok. Every successful person has had failure in their life but they just stepped over it and kept going.

Michael Jordan the famous basketball star, got kicked off his high school team because his coach said he didn’t put enough effort in. Instead of giving up, he practiced every day for an hour for the next year before school, to get better and show his coach he really wanted to get back into the team.

At the end of the year he got back into the team and went on to play for professional teams and be one of the best basketball players of all time.

If he’d let that first failure get to him and he’d given up, he never would have realised his full potential and he certainly never would have gone on to become as famous and successful as he did.

There will be setbacks, you will have failures, you will get frustrated, heck I’m currently blocked from using my Facebook account, but I’m definitely not going to let that stop me from building a successful affiliate marketing business.

I’m going to use this setback to fuel me on.

And I’m encouraging you to do the same.

See failure as a teacher not a time to throw the towel in.

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beginner affiliate marketers

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