About Me

Hi There! Welcome to Earth Cruisin...

I’m Katie Lamb full-time digital nomad, blogger and freelance writer working on building my empire daily.

I started this blog at the end of 2019 but only started taking it seriously in 2020. I’ve been a full-time remote worker for about 2 years now making money freelance writing and affiliate marketing.

Once I started to realise how many ways you could make money from a blog, I decided to put all my efforts into it to see where it took me.

I’m learning every day and am documenting my journey through my blog. I love to continually learn new ways to make money online and am on a mission to help others do the same.

While its not easy, the freedom to live life on your own terms is well worth it. I believe anyone can make money online full-time or as a side hustle. It’s just whether you’ve got the strength to follow through with an idea even when the going gets tough.

I’ve had many, many ups and downs and even though I hated failing, I decided to learn from what went wrong instead of just throwing in the towel. I’m hoping my blog will give you the guidance, knowledge and tools to start making money online with your own remote career. 

On EarthCruisin you’ll find tutorial articles about affiliate marketing, blogging and making money online. 


I can help you by giving you the exact steps to start a successful blog and a FREE blog setup service, guiding you to your first affiliate sales in 30 days and give you access to expert training to start a remote career.

What Made Me Travel as a Digital Nomad?


I’ve always been a traveler and adventurer at heart, moving to London at 19 to discover the bright lights of the city.

Within a few years, I was traveling and working on cruise ships, getting to visit some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

A while later I moved back to London and again within a few years, I was off backpacking and then living in Phnom Penh Cambodia working as an English teacher.

It wasn’t until I had a chance meeting with two girls, who told me they were working online and making money from their laptops and I could do it too!?

This was news to me! I always thought people who made money online were like a rare breed, with special skills.

After going through lots of self-doubt that I could actually make an online business work for me, I decided enough was enough and I just needed to take a RISK! If I didn’t try I’d never know, right?

So, I took the plunge, did a course and started my own freelance writing business. It took a while to get things going, but I eventually got great clients which gave me freedom.

Fast forward quite a few more years and I decided to quit city life and travel full time as a writer and digital nomad while discovering new ways to make money as I went.

Some Of My Successes So Far…


– My writing has been featured on Make Money Your Way, Stop Having a Boring Life, Birds Of A Feather Press, Travel Belles and The Travelling Souk

– I’ve travelled for around 2 years non-stop living in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and the Philippines

– I’ve been able to live life on my own terms, make money freelancing and work on building my blogging business


Work With Me…


I’ve been a freelance writer for over 6 years now working with companies, digital marketing agencies and bloggers to produce their content.

If you want me to write for you please email me on katie@earthcruisin.com telling me details about what you need.

I’m also available for collaborations with brands and bloggers including;

– Sponsored posts

– Affiliate partnerships

– Paid review articles

– Ad placements

– Blog collaborations


Email me at katie@earthcruisin.com where we can talk details and rates.

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