How to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram
If you love Instagram and have started to gain a decent amount of followers, it could be the right time to look into to how to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram.

With over 400 million active monthly users and around a 4.21% engagement rate (which exceeds Facebook and Twitter), Instagram is a platform that if used correctly, you will be able to make sales as an affiliate and build a lucrative online business.

While this is true, it takes some time to build up your followers and become a prominent force. Many influencers do well and know how to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram. This is because, before they even thought about monetizing their accounts, they built up a following of hungry fans who love everything they do and say.

This, in essence, is what you have to do to be a successful affiliate marketer, whatever platform you’re on. You have to build up the know, like and trust factor and give people a reason to follow you and listen to what you say.

If you already have a large following on Instagram, you will have a head start. You can leverage this following and partner with prominent brands to promote their products. If you don’t have a decent sized following yet, this is what you need to work on before you even think about making money.

If you’re still interested in how to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram, check the tips below.


Take Action to Increase Your Followers


Like on the majority of social media platforms, increasing your followers is usually one of the hardest parts. When you start, it can be quite slow going but remember that most popular Instagrammers will have only had a few followers in the beginning unless they are a celebrity.


make money affiliate marketing on Instagram


Work on building a strong following daily and know it takes time and patience. Focus on getting quality followers also, as having 1,000 targeted followers will make you more money than 100,000 that aren’t interested in what you are doing or promoting. Here are some tips;


  • Post clear, quality and engaging photos


  • Be active and respond to all comments on your account


  • Follow 5-10 other accounts daily and like/comment on a few photos in each


  • Write short, catchy captions with a bold first sentence to grab attention


  • Mix up your captions between stories, questions, inspiring quotes, tips, and minimalistic


  • Use up to 30 relevant hashtags and mix them up. When you start out, try targeting a mix of hashtags with lower follower counts and only a few with a large following. If you just use all hashtags that are super popular, your post will get buried amongst the accounts with large followings


Write an Awesome Bio and Add Your Link


To make money affiliate marketing on Instagram, you have to place your link in view of your potential customers. Instagram doesn’t let you post links everywhere like other social media platforms, you can only have one link in your bio and can only place links in your stories once you have 10,000 or more followers.

In your bio, explain who you are and what you do with your unique personality. Detail your hobbies or interests and anything you think might be of interest to your followers. Remember, before you sell you are trying to give people a reason to follow and resonate with you.



Add targeted keywords into your bio which will help people find your account. Have a think about what are the core values and interests of your audience? For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, keywords might be; living well, vegan recipes, healthy living, natural living, workouts for women etc.

Emoji’s are great to use in your bio to break up text and make it pop a little more. They also add in a little more fun and can be used to highlight certain parts of your bio.


Only Post Quality Photos and Videos


Instagram is a visual social media platform and people come here primarily to scroll through stunning photos. To make people stop scrolling and stop at your account, you have to give them a reason and an eye-popping feed will do that.


stunning Instagram account


It’s ok to use your smartphone to take your pictures and videos, just take some time to adjust the filters and take advantage of free photo editing apps to improve your shots.

If you take a look at some of the most popular Instagram accounts, they will generally have a tied together theme. Choose one colour palette and one type of lighting for your photos so your feed looks professional.

The Previewapp is a great tool which will let you plan out your feed. You can even download and customize free presets which will transform your photos in a single click and give your account a cohesive look. Once you get your feed looking amazing, your follower count will grow and so will the eyes on your affiliate link.

Having a stunning Instagram account, may also get other big brands interested in working with you to promote their products.


Focus On Promoting One Proven Product


Learning how to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram can take time. And one of the biggest reasons people fail is by promoting products like a slimy salesman. People don’t originally come to Instagram to buy. They go there to be entertained, inspired visually and to share some of their own pictures.

If every one of your Instagram posts is ‘’buy this’’ and then the next day you say ‘’oh and this product is really good also’’, you’ll likely push followers away rather than gain them.

Influencers who have huge followings, may be able to promote a few different products a week, but until you reach that status focus on one product you’ve either used or know is awesome.

Try to stay relevant and authentic also, so if you’re a mum with three kids posting pictures of your daily life, promoting a product for erectile dysfunction in men, might not work out! You’re just not going to get the right followers.

If you’re a mum with kids, you could promote physical kid’s products from Amazon or maybe a book for new mums. If you’re a traveler funding yourself by blogging and a Shopify store, a good idea would be to promote Shopify as an affiliate and maybe a course on blogging or how to set up a Shopify store?

Here are some popular platforms to find affiliate products to promote;


  • Amazon Associates


  • ShareASale


  • Clickbank


  • JVZoo




  • EBay Partners



  • CJ Affiliate


Another way to find proven affiliate products to promote is by becoming an affiliate for a course you have taken. For example, I am an affiliate for a course I’ve taken and highly recommend Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks, because I know it’s a great course and I can genuinely recommend it to anyone knowing it will truly benefit them.

Check out my video review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks below.



Most established course owners will have an affiliate programme and information courses pay some of the highest commissions of 40-100% of the sale price! High ticket affiliate marketing is the best way to earn a full-time income from affiliate earnings so you can ditch your 9-5!


Conclusion – Is Affiliate Marketing On Instagram Worth It?


Is affiliate marketing on Instagram worth it


Affiliate marketing on Instagram is NOT a get rich quick scheme and you have to be willing to put a lot of effort in to make it work. You may think Instagrammers become successful overnight, but in reality they’ve spent years building up their followings. You can make money affiliate marketing on Instagram if;


  • You have a long term over short term mindset


  • You choose a proven product to promote


  • You build an eye-catching, beautiful Instagram feed


  • You connect with followers and actively engage new users


  • You post consistently


  • You use the right hashtags and target lower competition ones in the beginning


  • You share interesting, engaging content and DON’T just sell


Have you thought about trying to make money affiliate marketing on Instagram? If so, have you been successful or ran into problems? I’d love to know!


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make money affiliate marketing Instagram


how to make money on Instagram


How to make money on Instagram



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