make money on YouTubeAffiliate Marketing on YouTube is becoming a popular and lucrative way to make money online.

YouTube video creators are making thousands of dollars monthly and some of the most prolific YouTubers are even making over a million dollars a month!

These types of earnings sound insane right!?

These super high earning YouTubers make money from a mix of ad revenue, merchandise from their personal brands and affiliate marketing on YouTube.

There is life-changing money to be made by starting up a niche YouTube channel.

But, it’s not an easy road and it takes serious dedication, consistent hard work, a bit of luck and of course the will to never give up.

Many successful YouTubers report not getting many views or follows for years, then one video just seems to explode, going viral and putting them on the map.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube (Simple Steps)


affiliate marketing on YouTube


It’s super easy to start a YouTube channel. You could shoot a video and upload it to YouTube in a few hours if you really wanted to.


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Even though this is true, a good idea is to take a few hours to plan out a profitable YouTube niche and how to start affiliate marketing on your YouTube channel. Here’s some tips to get you started.


  • Research a profitable channel niche. Some ideas that are doing well at the moment are; tech videos, how-to videos, gaming videos, product reviews, vlogs, make money online, food, travel and fashion.


  • Sign up for an affiliate programme to promote. You can find products to promote on various large platforms like; Amazon Associates, ClickBank, JVZoo or ShareASale for example. Or you can sign up for private affiliate programmes like; Siteground, Shopify or any platform/course you use, they may have an affiliate programme you can promote.


affiliate marketing on YouTube


  • Choose a video editing software to use. There are many free and paid video editing software’s you can choose from. Some free ones are; Blender, Lightworks, Shotcut and Davinci Resolve. If you have a little money to invest you’ll get a lot more features and won’t have to endure the ugly watermark on your videos. I use Filmora9 and other good paid options are; Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.


affiliate marketing YouTube


  • You can shoot your videos on your phone or computer webcam to keep the costs down at the start. Once you have some cash, invest in a decent lapel mic and webcam to get crisper sound and images.


  • Create videos consistently at least once a week. The more content you produce, the more chance you have to increase your views, followers and get more eyes on your affiliate links.


  • Write keyword-rich descriptions under your videos and add in a CTA (Call To Action). These CTAs can be in the form of an affiliate link, a link to a free giveaway with email capture or a link to one of your social media accounts.


Tips to Make Your YouTube Content Stand Out


affiliate marketing YouTube


It will take time to find your voice and start making awesome video content but know this is normal for everyone, even the YouTube big hitters! If you take a look back at their first few videos, most won’t be that good.

Know that imperfect action is the way to perfect action and just getting started is essential.

It took me all day to edit my first few videos and they still looked awful! But they are definitely getting better and I’m thankfully getting a bit faster with the editing!


Here are some extra tips on how to make your YouTube content epic….


  • Don’t make the video about you, make it about the audience. Try not to have a really long, waffling intro or a long-winded intro vid of your brand, this is just egotistical. People don’t have much time, give them the information as concisely as you can.


  • Write out a script. It’s a good idea to write out a script for your video, to cut out the waffle. Some people can just talk but I’ve definitely learnt that having a script helps me give a more polished and engaging performance.


  • Make your videos niche specific. Affiliate marketing on YouTube will bring you more profits if you stay in your lane and build your authority in one area. If you try to promote random things across multiple niches, you won’t build up a trust factor and won’t make many commissions.


affiliate marketing on YouTube


  • Use pattern interrupts. This means changing things up in your video to keep it interesting. If everything is the same the whole way through you risk sending people to sleep or them clicking away. Some examples of pattern interrupts are; Changing where you’re standing in the video, switching the shot from your face to showing your screen, adding in images, text or even videos what describe what you’re talking about.


  • Create engaging, scroll stopping thumbnails. Having a clear, bright thumbnail can be the difference between someone clicking on your video or not. It can take time to get this right – I’m still working on mine! You can create them easily for free in Canva but play around with text size and fonts, colours and how you position photos. If you have cash, you can get expert thumbnails made on Fiverr or with a pro designer.


best thumbnails YouTube


  • Show enthusiasm in your video. This ties in with the pattern interrupts and keeping your viewers engaged and awake. If you speak continually in a slow, monotone voice, it’s very likely a viewer could click away from your video or fall asleep! If you’re not the most energetic person, it’s still possible to put your personality into the video with a few jokes, a unique quirk or something that will keep watchers wanting more from you.


  • Offer your viewers an incentive to stay around. An ethical bribe is a great way to encourage a viewer to stay around till the end. Most of us haven’t got long attention spans so by offering a freebie, or some extra cool information at the end, this will increase your viewer watch time. An example is; ‘’If you stay with me till the end, I’ll share with you an easy way to get more subscribers’’.


Strategies to Get More YouTube Views and Subscribers


Creating useful, engaging video content that will help your followers is the number one key to gain views and subscribers. Alongside this, there are other methods to get your videos seen and shared.

Obviously you can do paid ads on YouTube or Facebook but if you have a new channel, it’s a good idea to increase your audience organically first.


  • Create content that your niche actually wants to know about. Before you start you can perform some market research. Ask people what they need help with or look at questions people are asking in your niche.


market research


  • Ask viewers to subscribe at the beginning and end. Encouraging a CTA (call to action), gives your viewers a direction. If you don’t ask you don’t get!


  • Add a watermark to your videos. A watermark is essentially a little image on the bottom tight hand side of your videos that when clicked on, allows people to subscribe to your channel. You can use a free YouTube subscribe button or add your own logo. This will encourage more subscribes as it will show continually as people watch the video.


subscribe here


  • Promote your videos across other social channels. You’re likely to have different followers on your other social media channels and sharing your videos here will peak their interest. You can even create a short teaser video talking about what the video has to offer to create click-throughs. Don’t forget to email your list and let them know when you drop a new video. Email marketing isn’t dead and still accounts for a whopping 66% of sales according to experts.



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  • Respond to comments and nurture your followers. YouTube is also a social network alongside being a video powerhouse. People flock here to learn, be entertained and also engage with others. Take time to respond to likes, comments and questions which will encourage viewers to come back for more. If people are ignored after posting a question, it’s likely they won’t appreciate this.


How to Add Affiliate Links to Your YouTube Videos


After you’ve chosen your niche and the types of videos you want to produce; eg; how-to’s, reviews, a vlog etc…and you’ve got your affiliate links, where do you put them?

The best place is to put the affiliate links into your video description. Be aware – you don’t want to stuff your description with links, as this looks desperate and you have to realise that YouTube wants people to stay on their platform as long as possible so they won’t favour you for this.


Affiliate marketing YouTube


The performance of your video could be affected if you have too many links in your description. Aim for 1 out of 3 not to have links in and just aim for it to perform really high in the search algorithms.

Also, use a link shortener to make your link look tidy and less spammy. A great free link shortener software you can use that also tracks your links is Bitly.



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Focus on Posting YouTube Videos Consistently


If you’ve got a hectic work life, full-on family or you’re just a solo creative who hates scheduling, it can be tough to get into the routine of shooting, editing and uploading to your YouTube channel consistently. I know as I have struggled!

The thing is, your followers and YouTube favour you being consistent and posting videos regularly.

If you start posting x3 a month, then suddenly drop to 1 or none in one month, you may risk losing subscribers.

Start with whatever you can comfortably handle in the beginning. If that’s just one, that’s ok but stick to one a week consistently.

When you have more time, increase your video posting to 2 or 3 a week. Focus on quality over quantity though.

Check your stats to see your watch time. If people are leaving early on in the video, re-assess the first few minutes and focus on making it more engaging.

Maybe you are putting people off with a long drawn out intro, or maybe you’re waffling and not hooking people at the start and getting them excited about what you will talk about.


Just Get Started!


The best advice is to just get started if you want make money online affiliate marketing on YouTube. You can even start a YouTube channel just with a smartphone!



Take imperfect action and develop your voice and brand over time. When many successful YouTubers started out their videos weren’t good, but they kept going and now make millions a year!

Statistics show that YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-old than any other broadcast or TV network!

YouTube accounts for two-thirds of the premium online video watched across all devices.

YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide!

Get a piece of that pie today and start affiliate marketing on YouTube with a new channel. Video is only going to increase in its popularity and is the best way to make money from affiliate marketing.


affiliate marketing on YouTube

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