affiliate marketing success storyTake a look at this affiliate marketing success story for a little inspiration…

I think after you read this, you will definitely want to start your own business today!

It may seem crazy to think about earning $500 in a day, let alone in 5 minutes and believe me when I heard this story I was completely in awe. I was also a little sceptical but of course, I wanted to know more!

I heard about this mighty feat from another cool digital nomad who has been in the making money online scene for a lot longer than me.  But, he started from nothing like we all have to and I totally admire what he’s achieved.

He tells a story about being in Bangkok and how his friend was about to launch a new business helping other entrepreneurs make their own money online.

Thinking it was a great business model the day before it’s launch, he wrote an article on his blog reviewing it (and linking to it as an affiliate).

Next, he then strolls across the road for a coffee and 5 minutes later returns to his computer.

A quick check of his emails reveals – 4 new messages showing he’d received $126.99 from each one!!

He’d literally made over $500 in the time it took him to buy a coffee!

This affiliate marketing success story really is the thing of dreams and it gives you a little idea of the power affiliate marketing.  If you have an audience who loves you, they will literally be waiting to buy anything you recommend. 

You’re probably shaking your head and thinking, well I haven’t got an audience, or I don’t have any friends who are building awesome courses?

This honestly doesn’t matter! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and you do have to put the work in up front to build an audience, whether that’s on a blog or on social media.

But there are tons of great products out there to promote, meaning you don’t have to just know someone with a course.

In this post, I’m going to take you by the hand step by step, on how you can start affiliate marketing even as a beginner or if you’ve failed before.

If you’d rather watch a video than reading, take a look at my video on YouTube which details starting up an affiliate marketing business with no money as a beginner.


Is It Possible To Be the Next Affiliate Marketing Success Story? 



If you want to be the next affiliate marketing success story, you need to start with the basics.

Affiliate marketing is where you recommend a product and receive a commission if someone buys through your affiliate link.

You get your affiliate link by signing up to affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Amazon Affiliate, Clickbank, JVZoo or private affiliate programs. 

Your affiliate link is unique to you, which allows the merchant to know who buys from where. You can use it on your website, on your social media and in your email marketing.

Today we’re going to talk about 3 ways you can start affiliate marketing, as a complete beginner.


How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Website


Affiliate marketing on blog

One top way to become the next affiliate marketing success story is by blogging.

This is how many bloggers start to monetise their blogs, through recommending or reviewing products for their readers.



Did you knowThe Wirecutter which is a product review site, is one of the most successful affiliate websites of all time. Created in 2011 by Brian Lam, it was purchased in 2016 by the New York Times Company for a cool $30 million!



It can take some time to build up traffic to your website, but once you start to get visitors, you’ll get people clicking on your affiliate links which will potentially earn you cash!

Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away, know that your website is online real estate and it will pay dividends in the future. Once you’ve created content, it’ll be there forever. And, months or years later, an article you forget about could yield affiliate link clinks and commission payments.


Here’s your 7-step plan to becoming the next affiliate marketing success story with your blog;


  • Brainstorm the industry you want to serve and then niche down


  • Research products you can review and recommend in your niche


  • Sign up for affiliate programs that have products you want to review/write about or reach out to private affiliate program owners


  • Create content like tutorials, reviews, how to’s, best in industry etc and also build your email list


  • Use the best SEO practices to optimise your website and track your rankings in Google analytics


  • Keep creating great content!


How to Start Affiliate Marketing on YouTube


Affiliate marketing YouTube

There are many amazing affiliate marketing success stories that were made on YouTube!!



Did you knowthe highest-paid YouTuber in 2019 was eight-year-old Ryan Kaji who earned 26 million from reviewing toys!!



Video is the future and while blogging is NOT dead, despite what people might say, now is a good time to learn how to create great videos, again building your online presence and internet real estate that’ll work in your favour long after you post the video.

You don’t have to start creating content everywhere, it’s actually recommended you start with one platform at a time so you don’t experience overwhelm. But if you fancy starting with video content instead of blog posts, YouTube is a place many clever affiliate marketers make a lot of money.

  • Sign up for a FREE YouTube channel


  • Add great channel art, a welcoming profile picture and a keyword-rich description


  • Target a niche like health, wealth or relationships and make videos that answer people’s problems


  • If you want to do instructional ‘’how to’’ videos, you can start by using a software called ScreenCast-O-Matic. There’s a free and paid version and it allows you to record your screen, face and both at the same time


  • A great cheap video editor is Filmora Wondershare which I still use. It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly (if I can use it, you can!)


  • You can use your webcam for face only videos if you need. If you have spare cash, get a mic and lighting to improve your videos


  • Start making videos and aim for 2-3 weekly


  • Don’t think you have to stick to your niche topic all the time. A good rule of thumb is 2 broad topics like make money online and then 1 targeted like affiliate marketing (if you’re in the online money making niche)


  • Add in CTAs (Call To Actions) every 2-3 videos. CTAs can be; sign up to your email list, check out this great training programme/product (your affiliate link)


  • The reason you don’t want to drop your link in every video before you get a following, is that YouTube will see you as someone who takes people away from their platform and lower your reach, which you don’t want at the start


  • Keep creating videos and tracking where you get the most watch time in YouTube analytics


How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

Affiliate marketing Instagram

If you decide Instagram is the social media platform for you, you can start promoting an affiliate marketing product via a link in the description.



Did you knowOne of the most successful Instagram accounts is owned by Jason Stone @millionaire_mentor. His account covers inspiration, motivation and tips to create wealth. Now with over 5 million followers, he reportedly made over $7 million in sales in just 18 months. Not bad for someone who doesn’t even sell their own product!



Unless you have a huge following on Instagram, it’s a good idea to find viral accounts that have huge followings you can emulate and share their content.

  • Choose a niche eg; sports, fitness, health and diet, business etc..


  • Research Instagram accounts that serve this niche and have videos/pics with 10,000 plus likes/watches/shares. One example is; Playmaker which hosts basketball videos and photos. They have over 3 million followers and get a ton of interaction on their posts


  • Select an affiliate product that will serve the audience of this niche. Eg; if you choose basketball, there’s a product to promote called Vert Shock which helps players improve their dunk. It sells well and is endorsed by a pro basketball player – win/win!


  • Add your affiliate link to your Instagram account with an enticing description


  • Start sharing viral videos and pictures from popular accounts to your account (with credits) daily


  • Keep adding more content and building your audience


  • Interact with all comments and follow other accounts back. Ask and answer questions on other profiles to build your visibility


  • It can take some time, but if you stick with it and build up your audience, you will start to see affiliate sales


What to Ask Yourself Before You Start Promoting an Affiliate Product


While you may want to race in all guns blazing, remember you’re going to be promoting to REAL people who have; needs, wants, desires, problems etc. If you sell them a load of rubbish and they lose money, this won’t help your reputation.

Not everyone believes you have to use every product you promote, but just be sure you know it is a top-quality product/service you would even let your Grandma use! Other questions to ask are;

  • Will this product/service solve a pain point for my followers?


  • Does the product have a high ‘’gravity’’, which means it’s popular/selling well on Clickbank? If using another affiliate platform, check for products that have great reputations


  • Is the affiliate commission rate worth it? Some physical products can only get you 1-2% commission. If you want to work less and earn more, opt for digital products which can net you 50-100% commissions!


Today I just covered 3 of the platforms you can use to start promoting affiliate products. There are many other ways to start building an affiliate marketing business as a beginner.

Try these out and let me know how you get on. Remember you have to be patient to start making money online with affiliate marketing. If you want to be the next affiliate marketing success story, it takes consistent daily action, persistence and the ability to continually ride the learning curve.

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