affiliate marketing without a blogIt’s entirely possible to make money affiliate marketing without a blog and I’m going to go into more detail below on how you can do this.

This is a question I have been asked many times and many people get confused with, thinking the only way to be an affiliate marketer is by having niche websites.

Over the years, affiliate marketing has developed and many people make money affiliate marketing without a blog and actually become super successful. There are multiple free and cheap ways you can build your brand and advertise your offers.



Some things to remember are;


  • You will need some sort of online presence. Every affiliate programme will be different and many will want to know how you will promote their products. Some may actually require you to have a website. Always check the rules and regulations.


  • Just because you decide not to have a website, this doesn’t mean you can escape creating content. Affiliate marketing requires a lot of dedication and effort.


Right, so if you’re still sure you don’t want to have a website, let’s take a look at other ways you can make money affiliate marketing without a blog.



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Social Media


affiliate marketing without a blog


Social media is one of the top ways you can find potential customers in your niche and promote your product to them. 99% of people have a social media account whether that’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Tik Tok etc. The trick is to work out which social media platform your ideal customer is hanging out on.

It’s advised to read up on the rules for each social media account as they will be different for each. Do not just go spamming your link everywhere, but focus on building your audience with helpful content and having real conversations.

Some posting tips for social media;


  • Use the RVL formula. This stands for; Results Value Lifestyle. Social media is meant to be social and people don’t actually go there to be sold to. Although many people are making a fortune affiliate marketing on social media, it’s important to get a balance in your posts otherwise you’ll put people off.


  • Use a link cloaker like Bitly to shorten your links and make them look less unclickable. To be even more careful, don’t post your links at all on your social media account but ask for someone’s email to send them your offer.


  • Be consistent with your posting schedule. Posting once a week isn’t enough, you need to be the face of your brand daily. Offer a ton of value for free and have conversations every day.


Creating a YouTube Channel


affiliate marketing without a blog


Many super affiliates earning six or seven figures, do so by running their whole affiliate marketing business through YouTube. According to statistics, YouTube is the second most popular social media site only beaten by Facebook.

1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched a day, which is more than Netflix and Facebook combined! Getting yourself a niche YouTube channel to promote your products on, is a great way to earn money affiliate marketing without a blog.

YouTube can be a slow burner so it’s important to focus on creating awesome, helpful content in the first year.

Videos you post on YouTube will never disappear like on other social media sites, meaning you can potentially make money from a video for years to come. Write in-depth descriptions, add in your affiliate link and add targeted keywords in the title and as tags.



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Email Marketing


affiliate marketing without a blog


However you plan to make money with affiliate marketing, its advised to build an email list. Social media accounts always run the risk of being banned or hacked, but an email list is always yours.

Get people onto your email list by creating a valuable lead magnet. Some ideas are;


  • Free video tutorial series


  • Swipe files


  • Ready written emails people can model


  • Social media posting cheatsheet


  • Free books or audio files


  • A coaching call


  • Access to your secret training group or membership site


  • A planner


  • Free software download


  • A free funnel or website set-up


The majority of people will not buy your product straight away; they will need to follow you for a while. This gives you time to build up the know, like and trust factor and send people valuable content to help them get nearer to their goals.

Use the jab jab hook method where you only pitch every 3rd email. Tell stories, entertain and give value and don’t just sell. If you do this, you’ll build up an email list that will be repeat customers for years.


Talking to People!


affiliate marketing sales by talking to people

Yes, actually talking to people – having REAL conversations can be one of the best ways to start making affiliate commissions. When I first started affiliate marketing I wanted to avoid talking to people and just have everything automated.

But, I quickly discovered, talking to people and actually being REAL with them was the way forwards.

While you might think you’re no good at selling…. that’s ok! I am not a salesperson and you shouldn’t see it as sales anyway.

Focus on having real conversations where you don’t start with a pitch, but you actually ask someone how they are, what’s going on in their life and what their dreams are for the future.

Having these conversations will actually help you diagnose whether your product can help a person or not. If not, be ethical and DON’T sell it to them!

If they reached out to you and you sell information products, ask questions like;


  • Can I ask why you reached out to me?


Then did deeper with things like;


  • Can you tell me more about that?
  • What do you mean by that?
  • Why do you think this problem exists?


Once you’ve asked a few questions and got them to open up, ask things like;


  • Tell me more about your life and what you do?
  • How is that working for you?
  • What do you think needs to happen for you to reach your goal 1 year from now?


Obviously, every conversation will be different. You will have to tweak the questions depending on what you’re selling and the situation.

But start to think of yourself more like a doctor, not a salesperson.

Really try and diagnose what people’s problems are, why they reached out to you and whether you can help them.

If you feel your product could be a fit for someone, slowly transition the conversation into how your product could solve their problem. Focus on the benefit for the person, not just how great your product is.


Paid Advertising


affiliate marketing advertising


You should only consider paying for ads if you have already made some commissions with affiliate marketing. It’s a big risk to spend money on ads when you are just learning the ropes.

When you have some steady cash coming in, this is the time you can start investing some of this into PPC campaigns and ads on social media.

Ads are a way to retarget people who maybe looked at your offer or landing page, but never purchased.

These people can be retargeted with an ad campaign.

So, this is how you can make money affiliate marketing without a blog. It’s entirely possible to build your whole business using the tips above, but be aware it can take some time to build up your authority and gain people’s trust.

Have a long term over short term mindset and you will be fine. Success with affiliate marketing doesn’t happen overnight.

Be patient, be persistent, be consistent.



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affiliate marketing without a blog




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