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Many people want to be successful in affiliate marketing, however, not many will make it to the holy grail of the ‘super affiliate’ elite.

It’s estimated the only 1-5% make it to the big bucks, earning more than five figures per month. But how did these special few become super successful in affiliate marketing?

Are they mega brainy, exceptionally gifted or do they have tons of money in the bank from a family trust fund to help pay for marketing? While some may have all this, the typical super affiliates I’ve come across possess qualities like; extreme persistence, patience, a thirst for continued education and a never say die attitude.

You may think these people were born with these traits, but these are qualities that can be learned by anyone. Master these traits, combine the strategies mentioned below and you could end up being extremely successful in affiliate marketing and join the super affiliate hall of fame.

Define Your Niche

A lot of newbie affiliate marketers make the mistake of trying to sell anything and everything with no consistency in one niche. If you try to sell too many different things, across various niches, you’ll just confuse your audience.

Choose one niche that you’re passionate about or you know about and choose a handful of products to promote. The most profitable niches are; health, wealth and relationships, as we all want to be fit, we all want to be wealthy and we all want a great relationship.

Help people in any of these areas and you will be successful in affiliate marketing.

successful in affiliate marketing

Get to Know Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is key. People buy from people and the more you connect with customers on their level, show you are a real human being and show you care, you’ll build up a tribe that loves you and what you have to offer.

Make real connections with people. Really talk to people like they are your friends not just someone to sell to. Find out their pain points and what is holding them back to get where they want to be. Once you know this, you can work on building your offers around your product, that will get people buying off you instead of another super experienced affiliate marketer who might be selling the same product.

Know Your Product

Never promote something just because it has large commissions. Make sure you research the product, or even better test it out yourself first.

If you can give a really in-depth, insider review of a product, people will respect this more than someone saying it’s amazing but haven’t used it themselves.

Create Content Consistently

Consistency is key if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing. Even when you start out and you think no-one is listening as you get no comments on your posts or videos – know everyone has to go through this.

Creating consistent content in the form of social media posts, blog posts and videos is building your digital footprint. You may get no comments or likes now, but years down the line your content could rank and suddenly start making you returns.

In my experience so far, I’ve felt not many people were watching my videos as I didn’t get many comments and likes to start. Then I had a few comments from girls saying how much they like my latest videos and had been inspired. Even when you think no-one is listening or watching, they usually are but just need to trust you more before they reach out.

successful in affiliate marketing

Learn from Others

Investing in yourself and learning from others who’ve achieved what you want to achieve, is probably one of the most important things you need to do if you want to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Super affiliates are successful for a reason, they learnt from other successful marketers before them and took action on what they learned. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel — model other successful people do and say, take their courses and you’ll make that investment back tenfold in the future.

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Think Long Term Over Short Term

You might have started affiliate marketing, needing to make money fast. Or maybe you started because you saw another affiliate marketer standing in front of a Ferrari, saying how you can get the same in a few months?

This is not reality and if you’re just looking to make money fast, you’re probably not going to build a sustainable business.

As hard as it is, even if you have money troubles, you need to get the ‘I need to make money fast’ thoughts out of your head and focus on taking action, building your tribe, helping people and building your affiliate marketing business brick by brick.

When you don’t see the ‘fast’ results, this may make you want to quit. Switch your thinking to long term and write down your goals for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. Focus on hitting those milestones and re-assess at each point what you did right and what you need to work on.

When you switch your thinking from short term cash to long term action taking, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Focus on 1% Better Daily and Never Give Up

The majority of aspiring affiliate marketers end up quitting in the first three months. This is because they’d thought or have been promised fast returns and when it doesn’t happen, they think it’s either not for them, they not got the right skills or affiliate marketing is a scam etc…

Don’t compare yourself to others and just focus on bettering yourself by 1% daily. Congratulate yourself for the little wins like even sticking to your content schedule, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone doing a live video or getting a few new members into your Facebook group.

Results may be slow in the beginning, but remember all the efforts you put in early on will stack up over time. Success can be like a snowball, it grows and grows and grows…..and then suddenly BAM! You suddenly make your first commission or have someone reach out to you for help.

Super affiliates are the elite few who NEVER gave up, pushed through tough times, failures and times when people told them they wouldn’t make it.

If you want to follow in their footsteps and become successful in affiliate marketing, remember that tough times and failures serve a purpose. They teach you lessons. If you can learn from these lessons, move on and NEVER give up you WILL be successful in affiliate marketing.

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