Whether you are looking to make a little extra cash with affiliate marketing as a side hustle or you are wanting to make a full-time income from affiliate marketing, the first point of call is to find an affiliate programme that is proven and you have some knowledge or passion for. But what affiliate programme is the best to promote?

Take a look at the pointers below to help you decide.

There are multiple affiliate programmes to choose from, but this doesn’t mean you should promote them.

I’m an advocate for ethical affiliate marketing and believe you should actually have used a product if you’re going to promote it, or at least have knowledge about it. There are too many people just spamming links and trying to make a quick buck from anything and everything – don’t be one of these people!

Also choosing a product that aligns with what you will write or create videos about is essential. As if you are posting about travel and try to sell a product that helps guys with erectile dysfunction, people are not likely to buy from you!

Check these tips to decide what affiliate programme is the best to promote.

Choose a Product You Use and Believe In

Affiliate marketing is basically recommending a product to a demographic of people that you know will help them. If you’ve used the product you can actually be credible and write reviews about the product in the first-hand.

Many people will not follow this and just promote anything and everything. This may make a few quick bucks in the beginning, but what if you choose a product that isn’t great? You risk getting yourself a bad reputation and making it harder for yourself in the future to make any money.

Sell in One Niche

Selling in one niche when deciding what affiliate programme is the best to promote is the smart way to begin. You will have more chance of getting the sales to roll in if you build up the know, like and trust factor in one target niche.

If you try to sell in too many niches in the beginning, you will risk overwhelming yourself. You will also risk confusing your audience if you have too many products across multiple niches.

Choose a broad niche in the beginning that you have a passion for and can confidently talk about. Then, you can sub-niche down to target a smaller market. For example; if you decide on the health niche, this is a broad market. An idea is to sub down into something like women over 40 or even women over 40 who’ve just had a baby for example.

Build up your authority in that sub-niche and you can become the go-to person for that demographic.

Choose High Ticket Over Low Ticket

When researching the best affiliate programme to promote, know that high ticket products are recommended as they will help you reach your income goals a lot faster than low ticket.

For example, if you have a goal of making $3,000 a month, selling 3 products that get you $1,000 commission, rather than 600 products that get you a $5 commission is a lot easier.

Some of the best high ticket affiliate programmes are digital courses and software. Check out these recommended affiliate programmes;

  • Clickfunnels. With their affiliate programme you can make a broad range of low ticket, high ticket and recurring commissions. Clickfunnels is a funnel building software that every business needs and offers a generous 40% commissions to its affiliates. Get $38.80 recurring for every sign-up, get your dream car paid for after 100 signups and even earn $798 or $1198 one-off commissions for signing someone up to their Funnelbuilder Secrets training.


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  • Webhost software like Siteground. Siteground is one of the best web host’s and really looks after its affiliates. They provide you with a huge range of affiliate banners and campaigns to use which have a high CTR (Click Through Rate). I’ve used Siteground for years for my blog and I can say genuinely that they provide the best customer support, top-loading speeds and do more to prevent brute attacks on your website than any other host. Affiliates can earn $50 for every referral to start, then move up to a generous $100 when you pass the 100 monthly mark.
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  • Shopify Affiliate Programme. If you’re into e-commerce, Shopify has an awesome affiliate programme, offering 200% commission depending on the price paid by the signup. An average payout is $58, but you can earn up to $2000 for a Plus referral.
  • Get Response Affiliates. Every business needs an email autoresponder so promoting the one you use as an affiliate is a great way to start making money with affiliate marketing. I use Get Response and believe it to be the best for affiliates. You can opt to receive a generous one off commission for each referral of $100 or a 33% recurring commission.
  • A private affiliate programme (these you usually have to of taken the course or be invited). This another of my recommended ways to find a high ticket affiliate programme. You usually need to be invited or be a student of a private affiliate programme to promote it. But taking a course is a great way to learn about it in-depth, allowing you to recommend it genuinely to others. I promote by mentor’s course Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and get a generous $498 for everyone I recommend. Check out the FREE training webinar HERE to see if its right for you.
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Stick to Virtual Products

This ties in with the low ticket versus high ticket point. Virtual products like digital information courses tend to pay higher commissions than physical products.

Have a scroll through Clickbank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus to find some great virtual products to promote. Or, take a course, absorb all the information and become an affiliate for it afterwards.


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Make Sure the Product is Proven and Trusted

It is highly recommended you only promote proven products by a trusted brand or guru. There is so much mis-information out there, if you mislead people you can seriously put a dent in your reputation.

Although it can take a little longer, be an ethical affiliate and only promote products you have used and know will help people.

If you try to sell anything and everything and don’t even know if the product is quality, you will not last long in the affiliate marketing world.

When researching what affiliate programme is best to promote, think about helping your audience over just getting cash out of them. This will ensure you build an affiliate marketing business with longevity instead of just a one hit wonder.

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Search Popular Niches like Health, Wealth and Relationships

When researching what affiliate programme is the best to promote, health, wealth and relationships should be niches you look into. While you can sell anything, in any niche you like, choosing one of these niches means you will never run out of people to sell to.

Everyone wants to be healthy, we all want to be wealthy and everyone wants that great relationship.

Don’t worry thinking these markets are saturated, busyness just means there is a lot of money to be made!

Remember, you can always niche down in these areas to target a sub-niche that aligns with you. For example, I’m a digital nomad who has been travelling for over the last year.

I sell my mentor’s course that I know will help other people break free from the 9-5 grind and make a lot of money with their own affiliate marketing business. I try to find others like me, offer them advice and value and talk about how I can help them get the freedom life I have.

If I tried to sell to 60-year-old retirees, who are into gardening, I probably wouldn’t get such good results!


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