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Teaming up with the best recurring affiliate programs means you’ll make money like clockwork every month.

You could even….

Wake up to find out you’ve been paid money while you were sleeping…

Imagine getting cash flowing coming into your bank each month, without having to do anything at all. Sounds like I’m telling porkies right?

Before I’d started to research and learn more about affiliate marketing, I used to think stuff like this was utter nonsense also.

Why would anyone pay you a monthly income, if you’re not doing anything!?

I just didn’t get it.

And many people before they see it in action, don’t believe it themselves and will tell anyone who’ll listen; affiliate marketing is a scam, it’s all a load of rubbish!

Well, I’m here to tell you that recurring affiliate commissions are not the thing of fairytales.

If you take the time to promote the right products, that offer recurring affiliate commissions, you will get money paid to you as long as that person stays a customer of the product.


recurring affiliate programs for bloggers


Why Do Companies Pay Recurring Commissions?

Recurring commissions work on the premise of; if I’m winning you’re winning. Many big and small companies now recognise the value of having a good relationship with affiliates. If they pay affiliates well, they’ll do a lot of promotion for them and bring a lot of new leads to the door.

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting a product and when someone buys through your link, you get a cut of the sale.

Recurring commission is when someone buys a product through your link and the product has to be paid monthly, meaning you still get a cut of the profits each month as long as that person keeps paying.

This is the awesomeness of recurring commissions. After you’ve got someone through that first sale, you don’t have to do anything else and you’ll still get recurring income!



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And Sticky Cookies! What the Hell Are They?

Some companies will even go a step further and offer something called ‘’sticky cookies’’. This basically means; when someone buys a product from a company through your link, even a low ticket product like a book, they will be sticky cookied to you.

If this person then goes on to buy anything else, even a high ticket product like a course the company may offer, you still get the commission from the sale as you brought them in to start with!

Now, do you see the power and lucrativeness of affiliate marketing!?

It’s a win-win for the company and you as an affiliate. You do the marketing to bring customers in for the company so they get new customers and they share some of the sale with you.

This is why according to business insider, the revenue from affiliate marketing has steadily grown by 10% annually and will continue to grow!

Not only is it fast-growing, but it’s a global industry worth well over 12 billion in 2017 and probably way more today!

Right, now you know the power and reasoning behind affiliate marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the best affiliate programs that pay recurring affiliate commissions.


Best Companies That Pay Recurring Affiliate Commissions



recurring affiliate programs


Every business needs a funnel to sell what it has to offer. A funnel is basically a journey you take someone on from being aware of you, through to them becoming a raving fan and a customer who buys.

Chances are you’ve been through a few funnels already when opting in to receive a free eBook, a free PDF or to go onto someone’s email list.

No longer do you have to be a super brainy coding geek to create beautiful, high converting funnels thanks to Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels already has many pre-loaded, beautiful funnels already in their platform that you just have to fill with your own logo, message and brand colours via the easy drag and drop interface.

Becoming an affiliate for Clickfunnels will get you 30-40% recurring commission after someone buys through your link. 


Get Response


recurring affiliate programs


Every business needs an email autoresponder to keep in touch with their growing email lists. While there are many out there you could promote, I’d suggest promoting one’s you’ve used and know are good.

I promote Get Response as I know it’s a great email marketing system, especially for affiliates. Many other email autoresponders don’t like affiliates but not Get Response. 

They are the best choice for affiliate marketers. Try them out for 30 days free here.


Build Your Email List Faster with Lead Magnet Funnels


Once people sign up to an email marketing service, they’ll usually stick with them for a long time and this is why they’re great to promote.

Get Response offers monthly recurring 33% commissions which can be a nice little earner.




recurring affiliate commissions


SEMrush is an all in one tool suite for improving online visibility for businesses. It helps with SEO, PPC, keyword analysis, competitive analysis, social media marketing, content marketing and campaign management.

It’s a hugely useful tool that will significantly help customers with their ROI. This is why it’s a great program to promote as an affiliate and you can be confident it will be high value to customers.

Joining SEMRush as an affiliate can be very lucrative as they pay 40% recurring commissions on some pretty high price points.




recurring affiliate commissions


You might have heard of Shopify and how you can build your own online store without having to hold any stock. This is why Shopify has become such a popular platform allowing the average person to create their own business overnight with little risk.

If you have a customer base that you know will benefit from using Shopify, you can promote it to them as an affiliate and they pay a pretty decent 20% recurring monthly commissions.

If you have customers that would potentially buy into Shopify’s higher-tier plan, you could get up to $2000 per referral!



recurring affiliate commissions


Alongside keeping in touch with customers via email, every business will have a social media presence that needs updating regularly. This can become overwhelming and this is where Socialoomph comes in.

Socialoomph is a social scheduling tool helping businesses and individuals post across multiple platforms and schedule posts ahead of time.

This can be a game-changer for productivity levels, freeing up time to work on other areas of a business.

As a Socialoomph affiliate, you can earn 40% recurring commissions after you get someone signed up through your link. They offer different pricing levels, plus yearly payments where you can earn a higher one-time commission on a lump sum.


ConvertKit is an email marketing service provider which is feature-rich and easy to use.

Use it to create sign up forms and landing pages to funnel more people onto your email list.

It’s got one of the best recurring affiliate programs offering its affiliates 30% monthly for life.




recurring affiliate programs


Perfect for bloggers, social media marketers and small businesses, Stencil is a smart image creation tool.

It’s simple for anyone to use — even beginners. It allows users to create stunning images in its feature-loaded editor.

Because of its top features, it should be easy to sell as an affiliate getting you 30% lifetime recurring commissions.




recurring affiliate programs


It used to be that the only option was to hire an expensive developer to make beautiful landing pages.

Now anyone can do it with the easy drag and drop Instapage interface.

Promoting Instapage as an affiliate will get you 50% on the first sign up and 30% recurring afterwards.




recurring affiliate programs


Social Pilot is a social media scheduling tool for agencies and teams. This handy tool allows users to manage multiple social media accounts and analyze results fast.

It has a range of advanced features and an easy to use interface.

One of the best recurring affiliate programs offering 30% monthly commission for a lifetime.




recurring affiliate programs


Having an amazing looking website isn’t enough these days. You need to have a strong link building strategy to have any chance of getting to the first page of Google.

Ninja Outreach can help with this, helping you create effective influencer campaigns.

It’s one of the best recurring affiliate programs, offering 20% to its affiliates. This may not seem high but because of its high price, the commission you get per sale will be decent.




sell courses on Teachable


Teachable makes it possible for anyone to put together and host their own course.

With Teachable, anyone can become a teacher even in unusual areas like; hand lettering, the art of drone flying, medicinal mushrooms and copper deficiency in goats.

By joining the Teachable affiliate program you can earn monthly commissions of 30%.


Post Affiliate Pro


affiliate tracking software


Post Affiliate Pro allows its users to keep track of the affiliate programs you’re using with ease. On it’s easy to navigate interface, you can see your campaigns, commissions and reports without having to click about.

It’s a tool that is needed and used by large agencies and small business owners so plenty of opportunities for sales.

As recurring affiliate programs go, it’s one of the best and you even get $5 just for signing up.




mangools seo tools


Çompetiition is fierce to get on the first page of Google and this is why SEO tools are great to promote as an affiliate.

Mangools helps its users find long-tail keywords, helps to analyze target keywords and monitor the SEO metrics of competitors.

Being such an in-demand tool, Mangools has a great earning potential making it one of the top recurring affiliate programs for affiliates. You’ll get 30% commission paid monthly as long as the person stays signed up.




become a deposit photo partner


Deposit Photos is a well-established platform offering royalty-free stock photos, vector images and videos.

It offers flexible plans for sign-ups and you get 40% initially and 15% commission recurring.

This service is highly valuable for bloggers, graphic designers and business owners so it should be an easy sell if you’re in those niches.




Hide my ass vpn


Not only has this tool got an awesome name, but it pays its affiliates handsomely. It’s one of the best recurring affiliate programs paying 100% commission for first customer payment and then up to 65% for each renewal.

Promoting Hide My Ass as an affiliate has lots of scope as people across the world need protection from hackers and viruses.

User friendly and affordable, HideMyAss is a great product to promote as an affiliate.




tailwind affiliate program


Tailwind is a smart scheduler for Pinterest, helping business owners promote their content and boost conversions.

As a user, you can schedule your pins or photos from Instagram, plus hashtags and a keyword-rich description right from the platform to go out at intervals.

Tailwind will even suggest to you the best times to post your pins, depending on when your audience are online.

A must-have tool for any blogger or website owner and it has a great recurring affiliate program offering 15% monthly commissions.


Get a FREE month of Tailwind by signing up here.




tubebuddy affiliate program


TubeBuddy is a great tool for aspiring YouTubers and affiliate marketers looking to make a mark.

It gives you advanced keyword research features, A/B testing and much more to make your YouTube videos found by the right audience.

People can try it our for free by installing the TubeBuddy button into their Chrome. And if they upgrade, you’ll get 50% commission which is recurring.

It’s a top tool with a high chance of making you some healthy, regular commissions.


Conclusion — Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2020

17 best affiliate programs for bloggers

There are many high-paying affiliate programs to be a part of. It’s important not just to sign up to every one, but really have a think about which ones will help your audience.

What tools do you use and love?

As a beginner affiliate marketer, it can take some trial and error to choose the right ones. Take time to build up your traffic and really listen to what your audience needs.

Then you will be well on the way to making recurring monthly commissions.

Let me know in the comments below if you promote any of the affiliate programs mentioned. Or if you have any others you recommend…



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