If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to make money online. A particularly popular theme seems to be making the holy grail of amounts which is $100 a day!

Being able to earn $100 a day for free may not seem a lot, but when you add it up it actually gets you a comfortable income of around $2700-$3000 monthly. Earning $100 is not that hard, but earning it on a regular basis every day is the difficult part.

So how do we achieve this?

Like I mentioned, I’ve watched many videos by other entrepreneurs touting the best ways to make $100 a day or more online. But to be honest, I’ve been a little underwhelmed on what they suggested.

None of their videos gave an exact strategy on how to achieve this income. So I decided to create my own better video that shows you the exact steps you need to take to make $100 a day or more online. Go and check out the video below or read on if you prefer text.



Research A Product to Promote on ClickBank


ClickBank is one of the best affiliate market places out there where you can find great products to promote. Sign up for an account and search the categories section for products in your chosen niche.

You can filter products by ‘gravity’ which basically indicates how well a product is selling. The higher the gravity, the better the product is selling meaning it could be a good option for you to promote.

Check out the main sales page and average sale amount you’ll get if someone buys through your link. If you decide to promote the product, press promote and get your affiliate link. Make sure you use a link shortener like Bitly to make your link look neat and less spammy, so people will feel comfortable pressing on it.


Start a YouTube Channel and Find Keywords on TubeBuddy


earn $100 a day for free


Video is the present and future and it’s only going to keep on growing! Now is the time to start your own YouTube channel and nurture its growth. There are many ways you can promote your affiliate link, but YouTube is a great place to start.

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension you can download and sign into through your YouTube channel. It can then be used to help you find keywords, track statistics of your videos, snoop on competitors and many other useful tools that will help you grow your account.


Create Multiple Videos Around Your Keywords


Once you’ve written down a list of low competition keywords you researched through TubeBuddy, you can start shooting your videos. Get a regular video production schedule that fits in with your life, at least once a week, but more if you have time.

Aim to stick to your video creation schedule to build up likes and followers to your channel. A good rule of thumb is one broad topic video then one in your particular niche. So for example; if you’re in the affiliate marketing niche, you can do one video around affiliate marketing followed by two broader topics like the make money online subject.


Add Your Keywords in The Video Titles and Description


It’s super important that you add your keywords into the video description and title to allow YouTube to know what your video is about and to help people searching for videos in your niche. Don’t stuff your description with keywords, but make sure they flow naturally at least a few times.

keywords in video description

Always have a call to action under your videos either to your affiliate link, to your social media accounts or when you have a library of videos you can link people to these as well.

Remember, you don’t have to always guide someone away from YouTube with your affiliate or social links, sometimes it’s good to just increase the time people spend on your channel by offering them other great videos to view. This will also please YouTube and make them more likely to promote your channel.


Promote Your Videos Across Your Social Media Accounts


prmote your video social media


Once you’ve created a video, it’s important to give it some traction by promoting it. This can be done through advertising on your social media accounts, in your blog posts, in emails to your list and other platforms like Quora.

Don’t worry if you have slow growth and low engagement in the beginning. YouTube is a platform that needs you to be consistent and put the effort in.

Many successful YouTubers have reported that they got little engagement for a year, then one video suddenly took off and got massive engagement which put them on the map. Obviously the success timeframe will be different for everyone, but just like Rome, a successful business isn’t built in a day!

Keep posting video content consistently, monitor and model what other successful YouTubers do and never give up!

Let me know in the comments if you try this making $100 a day method and if you have any success.



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earn $100 a day


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