Getting started with affiliate marketing can be a tough slog.
There is a lot to do and learn and while it can seem overwhelming, if you get the right resources it can help you out a lot.
I know because I’ve been through it and I’m here to pass on my knowledge to help you get to the golden valley of high ticket affiliate earnings faster than I have. Read on to find out the 5 essential resources for affiliates.


Resource 1: A Mentor Who Has Achieved the Results You Want


It can be tempting to just dive into starting your own affiliate marketing business, not wanting to take the time to go through a training course. The thing is, by going it alone, it’s kind of like just feeling around in the dark with sunglasses on – not very successful or practical.

I’ve tried and failed to start a few online businesses without taking a course and have learned my lesson. Investing in a mentor that has reached the goals you want to achieve, will give you a step by step plan for success.

Having money in the game will make you do the work, even when you come home exhausted and not wanting to do anything.

Top of the list for my 5 essential resources for affiliates is investing in a mentor. I have a mentor and his name is Zach Crawford.

His affiliate marketing course is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want a step by step blueprint on how to reach six-figures with affiliate marketing, check out his course.



Resource 2: An Email Autoresponder


Second, on the list for essential resources for affiliates is an email autoresponder. The money is literally in the follow up as 99% of people won’t buy from you right away. An email autoresponder like Get Response is great for affiliates to send out valuable email campaigns priming leads for their offers.


essential tools for affiliates


It’s recommended to encourage people to join your email list from your website, Your YouTube channel and your other social media channels by offering a free information PDF or video Tutorial. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, just valuable and easily digestible.

After you have people on your email list, follow the jab jab hook method where you offer two value emails and one pitch. This will ensure you don’t bore people with too many sales emails and will build up the know, like and trust factor.


Resource 3: A Link Customiser/Management Platform


If you start out your affiliate marketing journey just spamming your link everywhere, especially without a link shortener, you will not last very long. Not only will you probably get banned from online platforms, but you also will not have anyone trusting in you and wanting to buy from you.

There are many shady affiliate marketers out there – don’t be one of them!

If you have a website, a good free plugin to use to customise and track your links is Pretty Links. The fact that it goes through your website also, will make it less spammy for social media platforms. Another free link shortener I use that is popular is Bitly. This will keep your links neat, trackable and may even promote sharing.


essential tools for affiliates


Resource 4: Keyword Research Tool


A keyword research tool is an essential resource for affiliates. Keyword research will aid in getting your blog and video content visible organically, without having to fork out for ads. Using the right keywords and having them placed strategically in your content will set you up for audiences to find you.

Check out this advanced keyword research tutorial.



Resource 5: Funnel Building Software


A marketing funnel is a journey you take someone on from being aware of you, right through to being a paid customer. Funnels can be used to sell products, offer a lead magnet in return for an email, take people to your membership site, show people a webinar plus all sorts of cross-sells and upsells…..the list is endless.

Every serious business will benefit from a funnel including affiliate marketers. A website still has its place, but often gives people too much choice, causing them to just click around and ultimately bounce away.

Getting yourself a smart funnel building software like Clickfunnels which is what I use, is worth its weight in gold.


essential tools for affiliates


Alongside helping you to capture leads, Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programmes on the market where you can earn some serious cash. Get 100 sales a month and you even get an extra $500 towards your dream car!


Get a 14-day FREE trial of Clickfunnels here.



Recommended reading: 3 Best Ways You Can Make Money With Clickfunnels.



Last Thoughts on Essential Resources for Affiliates


This list is not exhaustive. There are many other tools and resources that are beneficial for beginner affiliate marketers. But, this is the first 5 I believe every affiliate marketing business needs.

Without these resources, you may find it hard to get traction with your affiliate business and get to the monetization stage.

While resources are essential, be aware that they are not the only factor for success and it takes a lot of effort, consistency and strong will to start making money affiliate marketing.

If you are determined to build an affiliate marketing business that will give you a great lifestyle, check out my mentor’s FREE webinar — the 3 step system to set up your own business selling other people’s proven products.


 essential resources for affiliates




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