How to Start a WordPress Website on SiteGround

start a wordpress website on Siteground


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Creating your own website is essential to show off your skills, let prospective clients know a little about you and to present yourself as a professional, serious writer.

You’ll have way more chance of bagging yourself new writing clients, if you have your own website. Any business that is serious about making money these days will have a website.

It’s just like back in the day when companies would send out flyers or have business cards, your website is your advertisement.

So think of your website like your CV, although you will sometimes also get asked for an actual CV as well so it’s good to always have an updated copy.

Click here to start a WordPress website on SiteGround, then follow the tutorial below for simple set-up directions.

SiteGround simply is the best choice for a newbie setting up their own WordPress site as it’s super cheap, one of most secure domain hosts you can have and they have hands down the most awesome customer service 24/7 allowing you to get help whenever you need it.

SiteGround really are great hosts and I’ve personally had a brilliant experience with them since switching from another domain host which wasn’t living up to its name many years ago!

While you might be worrying you’re not a techie and you’ll never be able to set up a WordPress website on Siteground on your own.

Don’t panic – this step by step tutorial will guide you through the basic set-up and like I said, their customer service is ALWAYS available in real-time to chat to, no waiting days having to submit a ticket.

SiteGround is one of the top hosting companies in 2019 and alongside starting your new website with them for a tiny $3.95 a month, you’ll get the best customer support and the ultimate security for your site.

Right, so let’s dive into the setup. Take a look at the steps below to start a WordPress website on Siteground;


1. Buy your hosting plan


The StartUp plan should be ideal for you to begin with. It allows you to host one website, has 10GB web space and allows up to 10,000 visits per month. The other two plans allow you to host multiple websites and have additional features.

Setting up your WordPress website on SiteGround is super easy. Once you have bought the StartUp plan for $3.95 a month, you’ll be asked to pay for the plan by putting your card details in and selecting how many months you initially want to host for.

Unlike other hosting companies, you get the same great low price now how many months you choose.

If you need to use PayPal, this is an option even if it doesn’t show up on the payment page. Just open a chat ticket and talk with the guys if you want to pay that way. So if you pay for a year you’ll only shell out $47.40 which is very affordable for all the valuable tools you’ll get to set up your site and the great help you’ll have access to.


start a wordpress website on siteground


2. Register your domain on Siteground


By now you should have brainstormed and come up with your awesome pen name. Remember if you’re still having difficulty with this, you can just use your name or a mix of your name/names and another word.

Don’t spend too long faffing with this. Otherwise you’ll spend weeks agonising over it (like I did) and just delay getting other stuff done.

You can purchase your domain through SiteGround or if you already have one you can migrate it over. Check the next step and talk to the guys on chat and they’ll help you out with that.


start a wordpress website on siteground


3. If you’ve bought you’re domain through another platform, you’ll need to connect your domain to SiteGround


(Skip this section if you’ve set up your domain with SiteGround already)

If you’ve bought your domain with a platform like Namecheap or Godaddy, you’ll need to connect your domain to your SiteGround hosting account.

This may seem like a complicated process but like I said you can reach out to the Siteground support and they’ll walk you through it. Here’s a quick overview of the steps.


  • Log in to your account manager where you bought the domain


  • Click on ‘manage domains’ or the manage your account list


  • Use the checkboxes to click ‘set name servers’


  • There should be two lines for you to add in updated server information. You’ll need to speak to one of the guys on chat to get this information but it will probably look like this;,


Once this information is added, you’ll need to click save. It may take around 24-48 hours for it to take effect before you can start working on your website in Siteground.


4. Review and complete your order


Unlike many other hosting companies, Siteground offers their discounted rates for any initial period you decide to sign up for to start with.

Many other hosting companies will penalise you and make you pay more, for choosing a shorter sign up period like 6 months instead of 12.


start a wordpress website on siteground


5. Install WordPress to your Siteground domain


This is the last step you’ll have to undertake before you can start working on creating your awesome website! Here’s how to install WordPress on your Siteground website. The best part is Siteground makes it very easy to start a WordPress blog and it’s free to install!


  • In your Siteground account click on the ‘my accounts’ tab


  • Scroll down to the Auto installers section and click on ‘Softaculous’


  • Click on the WordPress image and click install


  • Add your domain name in, fill out the other boxes and click install and it should have a box pop up telling you how long until it’s ready to use


  • It could take around 12-24 hours before it’s totally set up and you can start building your site


Check in the next day and if it’s all set up, you should be able to click on your admin panel and go into WordPress to start building your site. Yeahhh!!

Remember if you get stuck at any stage you can reach out to me at but your best bet is always to chat with the Siteground support live as they are always there to help.

If you need some extra help navigating WordPress, check out my blog post on; ‘How to navigate WordPress setting up your first site’ for a simple beginner’s guide.

Once you’ve set up your first website on Siteground, here are some extra tips for ‘recommended plug-ins for your website’ that you might want to install to keep your site safe, improve its SEO and help it to work at its most efficient for visitors.

If you intend to send newsletters from your website or build up an email list to keep in contact with, I use Get Response and can highly recommend their features.

I hope this tutorial helps you start a WordPress website on SiteGround with ease. Let me know in the comments below.



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start a wordpress website on siteground



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