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Have you been wondering how to start affiliate marketing with no money? The good news is, you can start an affiliate marketing business with little to zero startup cash.

I understand being in that place where you have no money to invest in expensive courses. I have been there myself and I want to show you that there are other ways.

You can either let having no money hold you back and stop you. Or you can let it spur you on and be a catalyst to prove everyone who says it can’t be done, that you will do it.

Many successful business owners started with nothing, affiliate marketers included. And, the main reason they became successful was that they didn’t see having no money as an obstacle – they just found a way to do it for free.

And it is possible to start affiliate marketing with no money!


What Exactly Is Affiliate Marketing?


If you’ve been reading other articles on this blog or elsewhere, you may already know what affiliate marketing is. But if you don’t I will give a quick outline.


Here are the basic steps that explain affiliate marketing;


  • You sign up with an affiliate network or as an affiliate for a product you love
  • A unique affiliate link is given to you which tracks any clicks
  • You promote the product via your chosen channels eg; social, email, a blog, in person
  • When someone buys after clicking on your link, you get a commission
  • Win/win situation for you and the product owner!


Affiliate marketing needs a lot of work upfront when you start promoting a product. But, after you gain more authority in a niche, you can make passive income even when you sleep.


Why is Affiliate Marketing a Great Business Model?


There are multiple reasons why it’s a great business model. One of the biggest reasons is you can start affiliate marketing with no money! Other reasons are;


  • Profits can become passive and are hugely scalable
  • You can promote products in any niche that suits you
  • It’s possible to start making commissions without a website
  • You can run your affiliate marketing business from anywhere
  • It’s beginner-friendly and simple to start in a few hours


start affiliate marketing with no money



Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?


Yes, it can be hugely profitable!

Many affiliate marketers make lucrative profits from affiliate marketing. You may start it as a side hustle but it’s totally possible to turn it into a full-time 7-figure income.

Check out this affiliate marketing success story!


Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money – Beginner Steps


To start affiliate marketing with no money, it’s a good idea to do some research and planning before you get going. This post will detail the things in order you need to consider.

One point to remember is; affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. There are many people online that will tell you it’s easy and promote fast track ways, but these are usually just people trying to get you to buy their course.

While I understand you want to make money as soon as possible. You have to treat affiliate marketing like a proper business and build healthy foundations.

If you have setbacks, just learn from them and move on – do not give up.


Here are your steps to starting affiliate marketing with no money.


1. Decide on a Niche That Interests You


When you start affiliate marketing, you need to decide on a niche to promote products in. You will be spending a lot of time talking about this niche, so make sure you have some knowledge about it or it interests you at least.

Consider what you enjoy doing yourself, what hobbies you have and what types of products you buy.

What products have you used in the past that you think are brilliant? Do you have any skills in a particular area like fitness, finance, dating, animal care or nutrition for example?


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Have you overcome a big problem in the past? Some examples are;


  • Losing a lot of weight
  • Clearing yourself out of debt
  • Broke free from a job you hated
  • Worked out how to travel on a budget
  • Taught yourself the piano in 30 days


There are so many ideas for affiliate marketing niches. Some of the most profitable niches are; health, wealth and relationships. This is because everyone wants to be healthy/look good, we all want to be wealthy and everyone wants a good relationship.

Once you’ve decided on your niche, narrow it down into a sub-niche. If you have chosen ‘losing weight’, you can sub-niche this down to ‘women over 40 losing belly fat’ for example.

Narrowing your niche will help you carve out a name for that particular area. If your topic is too broad, there can often be many popular influencers to fight against. Once people see you as an expert in a certain field, they will be more likely to buy from you.


2. Find an Affiliate Program


siteground affiliate program


The majority of affiliate programs are free to join and there are many to choose from. You can sign up to affiliate networks and browse thought their products to find which will fit your audience.



Recommended reading;




Some of the top affiliate networks to search for products are;



Another way to find affiliate products to promote is by searching Google. Type in your keyword + (affiliate program). Examples would be weight loss + affiliate program or cameras + affiliate program. Some will allow anyone to sign up to their affiliate program but some may require you to have purchased the product or have an active website.


find affiliate programs in Google


Also, have a think about what products you already use. Have you recently taken a course online? Do you always buy the same makeup from one company? Most established businesses these days have an affiliate program for their product as they know how powerful it is. Search on their website for an ‘affiliate’ tab or ‘partner’ tab.


3. Choose a Traffic Source


While many affiliate marketers use niche websites to promote affiliate products, it’s not essential to have a website. It is a great idea to start a niche blog though and you can get started for only $3.95 a month on Siteground.


siteground discount coupon




Recommended reading;



If you decide not to start a blog, there are many other free ways to generate traffic. You can use your social media accounts to build up a following and connect with potential customers. Choose 1-2 accounts you are most prevalent on and focus on carving out your brand message.


The best social media accounts to build your affiliate business on free are;


  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora and Reddit


It’s totally possible to start affiliate marketing with no money on free social media platforms. Do not just start spamming your links everywhere, but re-organise your accounts so they relate to your niche.

Tell people how you can help them in your bio and post useful content daily.



Pro-tip; Use the RVL (Results Value Lifestyle) formula for social media posting. People don’t want to be sold to every day. Mix promotion posts with tips to help people with problems and posts letting your audience into your daily life.



Alongside posting on your own accounts, join relevant groups where your ideal customer hangs out. Make real connections daily and find out how you can help people in your niche. With this human approach, you will eventually get people coming to you and wanting to buy what you have.



Recommended reading;




4. Build Your Authority Daily


People buy from people they know, like and trust. This will not happen immediately and you need to spend time building your authority in your chosen niche.

Show your ideal audience you have the answers to their problems. This can be done by posting relevant content on your social media. Going into groups and answering questions. You can also answer questions on sites like Quora and Reddit which have huge audiences looking for their problems to be solved.


use Quora for affiliate marketing




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5. Create Free Lead Magnets to Build an Email List


create a free lead magnet


Giving away helpful, easy to consume content for free will engage your audience and build your authority. It allows you to follow up with contacts when they don’t buy straight away.

Only a very small percentage of your audience will buy from you immediately. Building email sequences allows you to take a subscriber on a journey from cold lead right up to hot lead, where they can’t wait to buy what you offer.


Some good ideas for free lead magnets are;


  • A short EBook that solves a problem or answers a question
  • A cheatsheet showing how to do something faster, easier, more affordably
  • Mini video series
  • Free templates or printables
  • A coaching or strategy call
  • Swipe files of your best emails, social media posts or high-converting funnels
  • A short email series teaching something relevant


I use Get Response for my email auto-responder. You can get a 30-day free trial here and after that, it’s only $15 monthly. One of the most affordable in the industry!


6. Connect with Your Audience


start affiliate marketing no money


I can’t stress more how important this is. Many affiliate marketers just sell, sell, sell and turn people off them. No-one likes to be sold to constantly and just seen as a cash machine right?

On your chosen social media accounts, spend time actually connecting to people like humans. Don’t start a conversation with ‘’do you want to buy this’’.

Begin with ‘’Hi, how are you? I see you are in to in x,y,z… me too!’’ Over the next few weeks have normal conversations, ask questions, find out about their hopes, dreams and struggles. Answer questions if you can. Only after you’ve built up a rapport should you even mention about your product.

Once you become proficient with affiliate marketing on your social media, you won’t even have to mention your product. People will eventually start asking you about what you do.

Never be desperate or chase the money. People will smell this a mile off and you will lose a lot of opportunities.


7. Passion Will Get You Far But Training Will Get You Further


start affiliate marketing no money


It’s entirely possible to start making money with affiliate marketing, without any training. Many people do it this way but often don’t talk about the huge learning curve they go through.

You can find a lot of information by reading about affiliate marketing all over the internet. But, getting some quality training from someone who’s achieved the results you want is invaluable.

Check out this FREE Affiliate Sales in 30 Days guide. This will take you through a simple 7- steps to make your first affiliate commissions without a blog. I took these steps myself so I know they work! Grab your free guide HERE.


affiliate sales in 30 days


Conclusion – How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money


I hope you can see it’s totally possible to start affiliate marketing with no money. We are lucky to live in the age of free social media platforms that have ready-made, huge niche audiences that you can tap into.

Spend time on your chosen platforms engaging with your audience and developing your message. It does take persistence, energy and effort but if you can stick at it, you will be rewarded in the end.

Once you do start making commissions, I highly recommend investing in a website and a mentor to take you to the next level. Investing in your business is essential in the long run to keep it growing.


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