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Is it possible to make money affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Imagine if you could get daily commissions by pinning on Pinterest even without a blog….

If you could make another $50-$100 a day….

Well, I’m here to tell you it is possible! While it helps to have a blog where you can educate with tutorial posts, you can still make affiliate commissions by linking to products straight from your pins.

Way back in 2015 Pinterest did not allow affiliate marketing on Pinterest, due to the high volume of spammers. But as time has gone on and Pinterest has grown, they have been able to combat that, now allowing affiliate pins again…. Yey!


Why Start Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest?


Pinterest is an image-based social media site with over 320 million unique users every month.

What is interesting about Pinterest from an affiliate marketers point of view is that people actually go there to shop. Some statistics show;


  • Over 58% say they use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions
  • 6 out of 10 millennials say they use Pinterest to discover new products
  • 90% of weekly pinners have used Pinterest to buy a product
  • Over 50% of Pinterest users earn 50k or more a year!


So as you can see, Pinterest is ripe with an audience wanting to buy, that have disposable income. Perfect for recommending products affiliate marketing on Pinterest!


affiliate marketing on Pinterest


Where Do I Find Affiliate Links for Pinterest?


It’s important not to just promote anything and everything on Pinterest to make a quick buck.

Look at what you already pin, who your audience is and what you think they would like to buy. What would help someone in your niche to do something faster, easier or with less stress for example?

If you solve someone’s problems with a great product, you can make money and likely have them follow you for life.

To find great products to promote, join and search free affiliate networks. Some quality affiliate networks to look at are;


  • Clickbank
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • Flexoffers


Other ways to find affiliate links for Pinterest are by looking at products you already use. Maybe that course you took, book your read or brand of cosmetics has an affiliate program?

You can research websites to check if they have an ‘affiliate page’ or ‘partner’ tab. Or type into Google your product + affiliate program. For example; dog bed + affiliate program.


What Are Popular Affiliate Marketing Pinterest Niches?


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest


Pinterest statistics show that seven out of ten users are female with the age distribution being predominately between 30-49. The 18-29-year-old female demographic closely follows behind.

This means you should choose affiliate products to promote that will be of value to these readers. Here are some ideas for popular affiliate niches and products you can promote on Pinterest.


  • Fashion. Links to clothes like shirts, shoes, hats, sunglasses, trousers and dresses to very well on Pinterest
  • Mum and parenting. Pinterest is a hugely popular platform for mums who look for toddler products, toy inspiration, games/crafts for young ones, kids snacks, clothes and much more
  • Nutrition, cooking and fitness. Many people will browse Pinterest looking for meal inspiration. Affiliate pins could include cookbooks, cooking courses, utensils, appliances or a fitness programme
  • Money making, money saving. Everyone wants more money! Create boards for each and you can promote helpful products like money saving coupons, best credit card deals, a book about passive income and courses to make money with an online business
  • Blogging and online business. Send users to your favourite blogging course, EBook, blog hosting company or bundle of blog boosting templates
  • Arts and crafts. Artsy tools, supplies and related courses are received well on Pinterest
  • As Pinterest is image heavy, beautiful pins of your latest travels will go down well. Here you can promote anything travel related like booking sites, tour operators or links to your favourite suitcases/backpacks


Exact Steps to Start Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog


Let’s now take a look how to create your first affiliate pin on Pinterest. Here’s an overview of what you need;


  • A Pinterest account
  • Free Canva account to create a beautiful pin
  • The affiliate link of the product you want to promote


I won’t go over creating Pinterest pins here. You can check out this tutorial on how to make irresistible affiliate pins in Canva. It’s super easy and beginner-friendly.

Aim to make at least x3 variations of each pin. This allows you to monitor the results and see which works best.

Here’s what to do next, once you have your affiliate link and affiliate pins.


Step #1: Inside your Pinterest account click on the plus sign to add a new pin.


Creating an affiliate pin


Step #2: Click the camera icon to upload your affiliate pin. In the website link section, this is where you put your affiliate link.

Important note: Use the original affiliate link, not a link that is shortened with Bitly or Pretty Links. Pinterest will NOT allow cloaked links.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest


Step #3: Write a keyword-rich description. Use the Pinterest search bar to find popular terms people are searching for. You’ll want to include these in your description. Another idea is to use this free Pinterest keyword search tool.

Step #4: Make sure you disclose the pin is an affiliate pin. When you add extra keywords at the end of your description, add in something like #affiliatelink, #promotion or #sponsored.


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest


Step #5: Save your pin to the most relevant board first so Pinterest knows what it’s about. So if you’re promoting a summer dress, save it to your summer dresses board before you save it to a general travel board.

Step #6: Create specific boards for affiliate products. Ideas are Best Tools For Travel Bloggers or Tools and Resources For Cooks/Mums/Artists etc. This gives a place for your followers to go to straight away when they know they want to buy something.


Rules to Follow For Best Results Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest


Try not to go overboard seeing dollar signs and posting too many affiliate pins at once. Pinterest stopped affiliate marketing for a reason at one time, as they didn’t want it to become a spam-filled platform.

Aim to pin a mix of helpful, engaging content and sprinkle your affiliate pins throughout. Using a tool like Tailwind helps you schedule your affiliate pins amongst others and guides you to stay on the good side of Pinterest. You can grab a 30-day free trial here.


schedule pins on Tailwind


DO NOT use cloaked links for your pins like you would normally. Pinterest doesn’t allow the use of Bitly, Pretty Links or any other link shortener and your pin won’t get accepted if you try.


Make Money Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest with an Email Sequence


While you still might not be ready to start a blog. What I do recommend is to get yourself an email autoresponder so you can follow up with your audience. Not everyone will be ready to buy right away, even after following your account or looking at one of your affiliate pins.

A way you can keep that potential customer interested is by offering them a freebie/lead magnet in exchange for their email. Then you can follow up with a series of emails offering helpful tips and talking about how your product can help.

I Use Get Response which is super affordable, easy to use and you can get a 30-day free trial here.


Get Response email autoresponder


Here are the simple steps to creating an affiliate email opt-in, you can promote on Pinterest.


Step #1: Design a free giveaway/lead magnet like an EBook, a cheatsheet, printables bundle, a mini video series, free software or an email series. Make it valuable for your audience, easily digestible and something that will solve a problem.


Get affordable help creating a professional EBook here.


Step #2: Create 3-5 pins promoting your lead magnet. Play around with colours, designs and text overlay to see which works best. Use SmartLoop in your Tailwind account, to send your freebies out continuously at intervals over the next few months/year.

Step #3: Once a person has opted in, send them a series of 3-7 emails that answers questions/tells a story and gives value. On the last email of the sequence, offer your affiliate product to them again which should be closely related to the freebie. Using Get Response means you can write email sequences that get triggered off immediately when someone opts in.



This method often gets a higher conversion rate than just sending someone to a product through an affiliate link on Pinterest. It gives you time to build up trust with a person and show you are a knowledgeable professional who has the answers.


Conclusion — Making Money Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest


As you can see there are multiple ways to make money affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Remember to give the Pinterest algorithm enough time to kick in after you’ve posted your pins.

Here are some final tips to help you make money from your affiliate pins;


– Your first 5 pins of the day get most reach. Check your analytics to see when your followers are most active and send your best pins at these times. Use Tailwind scheduler to send out your first pins at the most active times

Be consistent in your pinning schedule. Whether you pin 5 or 15 on Monday, do the same every day

– Make sure your pin is engaging and relevant to your followers, as it will get shown to them first. If it gets good interaction then its more likely to show higher in search terms

– Create fresh pin images for your affiliate links frequently. Pinterest loves fresh content and even if you use the same link, a new image is considered ‘fresh’ content


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