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Building an affiliate marketing business is like getting fit – it takes reps, sets and patience. Just like trying to sculpt your abs, if you don’t have the willpower and strength of mind, you may well find yourself throwing in the towel pretty early on.

If you give up on that diet, you might find yourself binging on donuts and saying ‘’well I’m not meant to have a great body, it’s just not possible for me’’.

And if you give up on your affiliate marketing business after a few months because you don’t see fast results, you might find yourself saying ‘’making money online with affiliate marketing is obviously not for me, I just haven’t got the right skills’’.

But these thoughts are simply NOT true.

These are made up thoughts that we tell ourselves when our mind isn’t strong enough to push through the hardships to get to our end GOAL.

Thinking this way means we haven’t had enough strength to keep going, when things get TOUGH.

Here’s why mindset is so important and the key ingredients you need to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

You Need to Persevere

One of the biggest reasons 95% of new affiliate marketers fail in the first few months is that they give up too quickly! Building a thriving business takes time and consistent action and if you go into it with a get-rich-quick attitude, money will run from you instead of being attracted to you.

You need to adopt an ‘’I’m in it for the long-term’’ attitude and focus on growth plus giving value instead of just seeing dollar signs. Building a successful affiliate marketing business will be a huge learning curve with LOTS of bumps and you simply have to strap in for the ride and NEVER give up.

Get Uncomfortable and Take Risks

Affiliate marketing riches are not going to fall from the sky into your bank account while you’re sitting in that comfortable zone. You need to take risks, put yourself out there and do things that make you UNCOMFORTABLE.

If you’re scared of being on video, you NEED to put yourself on video. If you hate writing, you NEED to start writing daily even if it’s just to yourself. Your weak mind will try and make you avoid risk, it’s in-built in us to want to stay safe – but you have to make your mind stronger than that and be willing to do what others are not willing to do.

Ignore Self Doubt

Self-doubt is the arch nemesis of any person trying to build a business, but the difference between a successful person and unsuccessful person is that the successful person learns to ignore the self-doubt.

As a beginner affiliate marketer, you WILL have self-doubt at some point, but realise you are NOT alone.

It’s ok to have doubts when you don’t see immediate results or your feel you don’t know what you’re doing, but acknowledge these doubts, accept you’ll have them and push them to the side.

Focus on continually learning your craft and becoming even just 1% better each day. Don’t compare yourself to others, as this is a surefire way to make you doubt yourself and wonder why you’re not seeing the same results as someone else.

Master Your Time

You might just THINK you are an unorganised person and you don’t have time to do this or that. This is a pre-conceived idea you’ve built up in your head as that’s just the way you’ve lived your life previously.

We are who we are at this point, but know that WE DO have the power to change the way we act and think if we WANT to.

Building a successful affiliate marketing business needs consistent daily action and if you have a full-time job or a family, you’ll need to set yourself out a plan to master your time to fit everything in.

Don’t give in to overwhelm, it is entirely possible to build a successful business and make money online around a busy schedule.

Get organised and write yourself down a schedule for each day of the week detailing the times you’ll work on business, the times you’ll spend with family and the times you’ll work/exercise and whatever else.

Be strict with your time and STICK to this schedule no matter what. It’s up to YOU to master your time management and MAKE time for the things that matter.

Successful affiliate marketers have mastered the art of time management and make sure they take all the necessary actions daily, no matter WHAT is going on in their lives.


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So do YOU struggle with mindset? Has this stopped you from building a successful business in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

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