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one funnel away challenge review



Sometimes what you want to achieve in life is closer than you think and the One Funnel Away Challenge demonstrates this beautifully. This One Funnel Away Challenge review will show you how it can change your life and your business.

If you have a product to sell or you are an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products, sometimes you just need to package what you have a little differently and send them through a new funnel to have people climbing over each other to purchase from you.

Russel Brunson is the creator and head honcho of ClickFunnels which is a funnel building software. A funnel is the buying process you send someone on from being aware of you and what you have, through to be a dedicated customer.

It’s basically an expert mini salesperson that will get customers and sales for you, even when you sleep!


What Is the One Funnel Away Challenge?


one funnel away challenge review



You’re just one funnel away! If you’ve never heard this, it’s Russel Brunson’s catchphrase for his One Funnel Away course. He’s basically saying; build one awesome, high converting funnel with the right offer and your life and business will change exponentially.

And he’s right! Many people have been through his course, launched their first funnel and made thousands in the first few days! If you have doubts, keep reading my One Funnel Away review to quell your fears.

A prime example is the ‘’LadyBoss’’ weight loss and fitness expert aka Kaelin Toull Poulin. This amazing lady and her then boyfriend at one point were absolutely broke and sofa surfing around friends’ homes. They spent their last cash on a course with Russel Brunson teaching them how to build out their own offer and funnel.

They followed Russel Brunson’s instructions exactly, built out their first funnel and after launch, it took off. Fast forward to 2017 and they hit the one million mark with one sales funnel!

They made another million with an unlimited access funnel and also launched two other funnels that made over a million! Not bad hey?!



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How Does the One Funnel Away Challenge Work?


The One Funnel Away Challenge is an intense 30-day course, where you’re led by the hand by top marketers Russel Brunson, Julie Stoen and Stephen Larson to guide you in building your first or latest high converting offer and funnel.

Each day you’ll get videos to watch and a mission to complete and you’ll have access to a Facebook support group to ask any questions. You’ll learn how to master your mind, create true belief in your prospects, build an irresistible offer, funnel building strategy and traffic generation techniques.

The OFA course basically gives you everything you need from A to Z to build a high converting offer and sales funnel even if you’re a beginner.

The OFA challenge only costs a mere $100 and for all the value you get, it’s well worth it. If you’re struggling to understand sales funnels, or know a bit about them but don’t have an offer yet, this course will be eye-opening.


What Do You Learn in the One Funnel Away Challenge?


You might have already experienced the ‘’wrong’’ way to market, with someone messaging you on Facebook shoving their product down your throat before they’ve even said hi!?

If you’re just trying to sell to someone all the time, they probably won’t be following you for very long.

In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, you’ll see how the course teaches you the ‘’right’’ way to market and you’ll be getting this information from some of the smartest marketers in the world.

What the OFA coaches don’t know about marketing, literally isn’t worth knowing and if you follow everything they say you are setting yourself up for huge success.

The right information is power and if you take consistent action on the information while being guided by experts, your business can literally transform. I’m not saying this is a get rich quick scheme, as it isn’t.

Many people have had overnight success after launching their first funnel but many have to work at it, keep tweaking that funnel and finding their tribe before things take off.

But the OFA Challenge is literally hands down one of the best courses for entrepreneurs looking to get started. Or even more seasoned marketers who can’t understand why their products aren’t selling.

For $100, there isn’t another training course out there offering the same amount of value. After reading through my One Funnel Away Challenge review, click the link to see the FREE training and sign up for the challenge.


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OFA Breakdown – What You’ll Learn Over Four Weeks


one funnel away challenge review



1. Belief


Belief in yourself and getting others to believe in you, is the foundation of your business. If you don’t have belief, you’ll throw the towel in at the first roadblock. Our belief has been shaped by our upbringing, the people around us, our experiences and even the government etc.

The entire first week of the OFA Challenge is spent on shifting your beliefs and banishing any negative thinking. This is imperative to learn yourself because as you move along your journey, you’ll eventually be helping others crush their own self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.


2. Offers


In this section Stephen Larson will break down every aspect of the offer. He talks about beliefs and shows you why it’s so important to understand others beliefs also when creating your offer. The attractive character is discussed in this section showing you why it’s so important to build your own.

You’ll learn how to offer hack your competitors and how important it is to be vocal and post consistently. It’s hard to make it if you just sit on the sidelines in this industry. This course discusses how important it is to get yourself out there and help people, even when you think you’re not accomplished enough yet.


3. Story Selling


In this section you’ll learn a lot about the importance of story selling. Stories take people on a journey, evoke emotions and get people to resonate with what you’ve been through. People buy from REAL people and like to know that you’ve been through similar struggles.

Russel Brunson is a master of story selling and you’ll see him in action in a lot of the training videos. He even hired Michael Hauge once who is a Hollywood script writer, to speak at one of his events. Learning to tell effective stories will help you take people along on their journey from desire of the thing (your product) to transformation and epiphany (attaining the thing).


4. Building Your Sales Funnel


In this stage of the OFA Challenge, you’ll be guided through step by step in building your very first sales funnel. You’ll even get access to a high converting share funnel which you can easily tweak with your own offer and branding.

This will cut down on the learning curve and really help you out if you’re new to using the ClickFunnels software. If you want to build your own funnel from scratch, Russel and Stephen give tons of examples and actionable training.


Ready to get started with the One Funnel Away Challenge Yourself?


one funnel away challenge review



If you’ve read my One Funnel Away Challenge review and are ready to start making things happen for yourself, the value you get from this 30-day challenge is unrivalled.

For a mere $100 you can change your life and your business astronomically. Click below to get started!



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Conclusion – Yes OFA is Well Worth It and Will Change Your Life and Business


The One Funnel Away Challenge is hands down the BEST $100 you’ll ever spend if you’re an entrepreneur. I have been through the course and from an insider’s perspective, I can see the value it offers.

It’s the most effective way to skyrocket your success in a short period of time. Enrollment only opens for short periods of time each month so sign up as soon as you can or you may have to wait.

Reach out to me in the comments below if you have any questions.



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