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Top Tools and Resources For Digital Nomads, Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Wanting to Make Money Online


Regardless of where you are in your affiliate marketing career, using the best tools and resources will keep you moving forwards.

Starting an online business can be overwhelming, I know as I’ve been there!

This is why I wanted to break down the best tools and resources for you into categories so you can pick and choose what you need at each stage.

You can read more about the best tools for digital nomads here, but on this page you will find the top tools for setting up and scaling your online business.

These are tools and resources I use myself to continually learn, build and keep my online business moving forwards.

I’ll keep adding to the list as I discover new, awesome tools.

Go take a look below and start building your online business TODAY!

Best Tools For Setting Up Your Blog


Whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, coach, entrepreneur or small business owner, you will need a great website. Business owners with a blog that is updated regularly are proven to get more traffic and convert more leads to sales.

Siteground WordPress Website Hosting



I’ve been using Siteground for years. They’re by far the supreme choice offering the most secure, reliable and fast hosting with unrivalled support.

You can check out my review video here.

Read my Siteground review here.


Sign up for Siteground here and get a 70% discount.

Choose An Awesome Domain Name on Namecheap



You may already have your brilliant, catchy domain name in your head, but have you checked it’s actually available?

Use the search bar to check it’s actually available and try to get the .com if possible.

It’s also advised to buy a few other versions for the domain name like the .net and .co versions, so someone else doesn’t sneakily buy them!

Domain cheap is one of the most affordable places to buy domain names.


Get your Namecheap domain here.

Get Technical Help For An Affordable Price on Fiverr



If you’re a bit of a tech idiot (like me) you may find it tough with the design and set-up phase of your website.

Luckily you can get assistance for an affordable price on Fiverr where there are many expert web designers, web developers, SEO experts and much more waiting to help you.

I’ve had logos, EBooks, my website and my YouTube channel art all designed by an expert on Fiverr without breaking the bank.


Get affordable website design on Fiverr here.


Best Tools For Website Development


Once you have your blog or website set up, you’ll need tools to help you grow your traffic and audience. Some of the tools I detail are free and some will need a little investment. All the tools are well worth it and will help you get more leads and sales.

Build and Nurture an Email List with Get Response



It’s essential to build an email list for your business. A large percentage of people will not buy from you straight away and an email autoresponder will allow you to keep in touch.

Get Response is an affordable, easy to use email autoresponder that I love. It is welcoming of affiliates when some others are not. Capture peoples emails with a high quality lead magnet and set up email sequences to build the know, like and trust factor.

You can watch my Get Response video review here.


Get your 1 month free trial of Get Response here.

Use Tailwind Scheduler to Increase Your Pinterest and Instagram Presence

Tailwind scheduler


Use Tailwind to schedule your pins and drive traffic to your blog.

By using a smart scheduler, you can send pins to go out during the week, while you focus on other parts of your business,

Tailwind advises you on the best times to pin for when your audience are online, which will increase engagement and therefore traffic to your website.

It’s super easy to use and you can schedule a whole week of pins in under an hour. Try it out free!


Sign up for your 30 day free trial here.


Find Keywords You Can Rank For on Keysearch

Keyword Research


If you’re looking to create content that gets onto page 1 of Google you need to be doing keyword research. I used free search tools for years and can say paying a minimal fee for Keysearch makes a big difference.

It’s easy to use, has a keysearch content assistant, keysearch opportunity finder, gives you the DA (domain authority) of your competition and gives a ton of related keywords and suggestions.


Try out Keysearch 1 month for free here.


Get Help Promoting Your Posts Free on Viral Content Bee

viral content bee


Viral Content Bee is a free content promotion platform, anyone can sign up to.

Once signed up, you can upload your latest posts and detail which social media accounts you’d like people to share them on.

You get more shares, by sharing other bloggers and small business owners content.

Help others and they help you!

This brilliant social sharing platform will help you increase blog traffic and your social media presence.


Sign up for your free account here.


Best Tools For Making Money Online

Affiliate Sales in 30 Days -- Free Downloadable Guide

affiliate sales in 30 days free ebook


Getting those first affiliate commissions under your belt, is tough when you start affiliate marketing.

I know as I’ve been there and it took me a while to work things out!

I decided to put what I learned into a simple, 7-step beginner guide which you can download.

This free guide will show you step by step how to set up your social media accounts to make affiliate sales.

No blog needed!


Download your FREE guide here.


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