Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks worth it? That really depends on you…

You might have done a search in Google or on YouTube to find out more about affiliate marketing training programmes and you came across Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

You’ll probably see multiple reviews about this course and I’ve done a few myself!

While I still believe it’s the best affiliate marketing course out there, I wanted to write another post helping you decide whether it’s right for YOU.

Because let’s face it, we are all different people and what is right for me, might not be right for you.

I wanted to detail what type of people will benefit from the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course and who it might not be right for. I’m not going to just talk about how amazing this course is, I want you to actually know the effort you need to put in to be successful.

As you can have all the information in the world, but if you’re not going to do anything with it, it’s not worth your time. Let’s take a closer look.

Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks a Scam?

No, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is NOT a scam. I know this may be hard to believe if you’ve been burnt before by a course that took your money and ran. Or maybe you’ve tried affiliate marketing, not made any money and decided it was a scam?

Many people have the pre-misconception that affiliate marketing is a scam, because they tried, didn’t give it enough time to yield results and then proceeded to fail.

Success in any field, simply does not happen overnight or even in a few months.

Zach Crawford created the course Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks after spending years honing his craft as an affiliate.

He had begun to top the leaderboards for many of the affiliate products he was promoting and even won the Clickfunnels dream car as an affiliate.

After achieving huge success promoting other people’s products as an affiliate, Zach went on to create his own course Top Earner Mentor which then became Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks.

Zach is a great coach who cares about his students and is very active on his social media channels. If you have any more questions about who Zach is and whether his course is worth it, you can check him out below.

Is secret affiliate marketing hacks worth it

You can check out Zach’s FREE Facebook group and chat to some of his current students HERE.

Also, check out his inspiring story and YouTube channel HERE.

You can watch my honest video review of Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks HERE.

Check out his FREE training webinar HERE to see Zach in action.


Who Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Good for?

Is secret affiliate marketing hacks worth it

Taking the Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks course is not a promise that you will 100% get results. I would be lying if I told you that. Many course owners try to hype things up by ‘’guaranteeing’’ you results, but the reality is many people will NOT get results because they will not put the work in.

Zach is very transparent with his training – he tells you straight that you have to work at affiliate marketing. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme. He talks frequently about getting your mindset right at the start of the training, which I’m realising is a huge factor in whether you will succeed or fail.

You have to put the work in, you have to develop a strong mindset and you have to believe you can achieve what you set out to do. Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is GOOD for people who;

  • Are willing to work hard and are not looking for a ‘get rich quick’ opportunity
  • Have a long term over short term mindset and realise it takes time to build a successful business
  • Are coachable, able to listen and develop themselves over time
  • Will not give up after a failure or if they don’t see results after a few months
  • Continually learn and take action daily
  • Step outside their comfort zone and take risks

Reasons You Should NOT Sign Up for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

It’s good to do your research before parting with your hard-earned cash, whether you’re buying a course or buying anything. I’m the same! I’ll check multiple reviews, check a company out, check out results attained by students or buyers of a product….the list goes on.

Is secret affiliate marketing hacks worth it

I don’t trust easily and you shouldn’t either!

This is why I’ll happily say, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is not the right course for everyone.

Many guru’s or affiliates will try and sell you anything, regardless of whether it’s right for you. And this is not right!

This is why I love Zach’s training also. He teaches ethical affiliate marketing and only promoting products you love, believe in and have used yourself. Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is NOT GOOD for people who;

  • Want to get rich quick
  • Have a short term mindset and will give up after a few months
  • Are NOT coachable, do not want to listen and don’t want to develop themselves as a person
  • Will see failure or obstacles as a bad thing
  • Will not take action on what they learn
  • Want someone else to do all the work for them
  • Are not willing to take risks and jump out of their comfort  zone
  • Want everything for free

Why Does It Take Time to Earn as an Affiliate Marketer?

Even if you decide to dive into Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks as a dedicated student, it can still take time to earn that life-changing income. Some people may be lucky enough to start making commissions in a few months, but I’m here to tell you that is not usual.

Just like with many things in life, it can take some trial and error to get things just right.

This is what will decide whether you ultimately succeed or fail as an affiliate marketer – do you have the strength to push through those times when nothing seems like it’s working?

It's ok to make mistakes

Even Zach who is now a seven-figure earner, had many failures before he cracked the code and now earns an exceptional income.

To build a successful affiliate marketing business, you need to build up a tribe of followers who resonate with YOU. People buy from people and gone are the days of just selling to people.

You have to build the know, like and trust factor and position yourself as an expert in your niche, before people will get out their credit cards and buy what you have to offer.

Building your online brand and trust with your audience takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and it took Jeff Bezos creator of Amazon  three years before he started to earn! Now he is the richest man in the world!

Fast track yourself to success by watching Zach’s FREE training webinar HERE.


How to Increase Your Chances of Earning Commissions Fast with Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

Like previously mentioned, Secret Affiliate Marketin is not a get rich quick scheme and should only be purchased by those willing to WORK at it.

But, if you are willing to take action and keep learning, there are ways you can improve your chances of earning faster. Here’s how you can accelerate your results;

  • Decide on a profitable niche to sell in eg; health, wealth or relationships
  • Perform industry research
  • Pick one traffic source where ideal customer hangs out
  • Outreach and have conversations daily with ideal clients
  • Pick one platform to post on and master it
  • Create content daily to increase your authority
  • Ask questions when you’re stuck in the private Facebook group
  • Don’t focus on making money, focus on helping others
  • Have complete self-belief in your abilities and never give up

Get My Extra Bonuses and Ongoing Coaching with Me After Signing Up to Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks

I am an affiliate for Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks as I totally believe in it as a training programme and believe if you are willing to work at it, you will become a successful affiliate marketer through Zach’s training.

Even though I believe this is the most comprehensive affiliate marketing training out there, it can be overwhelming in the beginning.

This is why I’m offering extra coaching for those who sign up through my link. Having that extra guidance when you’re new at something, whatever it is, is always beneficial.

I also offer a host of extra bonuses which you can check out HERE, to sweeten the deal and help you get started.

Once you sign up to watch the FREE training webinar HERE and sign up to Zach’s full course, I will get a notification. I will then arrange for your new bonuses to be sent to you and you can ask me anything via email or messenger.

Final Thoughts: Is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks Worth It?

So, is Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks worth it? This is a big question that you can only decide for yourself by analysing what type of person you are and what you’re actually looking to achieve.

As previously mentioned – if you’re just looking to make a few quick bucks and don’t have a long term mindset, this is NOT the right course for you.

If you actually want to make money online with a real business, that will last the test of time, Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is definitely worth the time, investment and effort.

secret affiliate marketing hacks success story

Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks will guide you step by step through mindset training, choosing an affiliate marketing niche, creating content, what to post, how to drive leads and sales, what tools you need and give you ongoing support.

Plus, you’ll get a host of bonuses from Zach including;

  • DFY High Converting Funnels ($4,997 Value)
  • Leverage Zach’s Bonus Packages ($2,997 Value)
  • The Million Dollar Swipe File ($997 Value)
  • How Zach Made His First Million ($997 Value)
  • The Chance to Join Zach’s Dream Car Programme!

Join Zach’s FREE training webinar HERE


Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks is not just for one type of person. It can be ideal whether you’re working full-time or part time, you have a family or are single or even if you don’t have a lot of cash to throw about. Zach teaches 100% free traffic driving methods at the start, so you won’t have to spend lots on ads.

There are people on Zach’s course of all different ages, life situations and experience. You can start the course around a full-time job and work through it in your own time, it’s totally up to you.

So, if you’re looking to start a lifestyle business and are willing to put the time, energy and effort into it, I can definitely recommend Secret Affiliate Marketing Hacks as being worth it. Just like Zach, I have become an ethical affiliate myself and only promote products I truly believe in.

Is secret affiliate marketing hacks worth it


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