siteground reviewMaybe you have started a blog recently and are unhappy with your current website host? Or you’re trying to find out which web hosting is best before you buy? Either way, this Siteground review will show you the impressive benefits Siteground gives its lucky users.

Yes, as you can probably tell, I’m a Siteground fan!

I’ve been using it for many years now after swopping over from Bluehost. And I’ve never looked back.

It’s not just me either – Siteground clients give a 99.7% happiness rate of the service!

After doing a quick search on Google, you’ll be shown many articles talking about who is the best domain host. Many of these articles will be written by people who have never even used the service though.

My Siteground review will go into detail about pricing options and discounts (get a 70% discount through my link), plan options, customer support, speed of hosting, added extras, safety and much more.


Here are some reasons you should use Siteground as a beginner blogger;


  • 24-hour award-winning customer support


  • They offer free website transfers


  • Impressive page load times and free Cloudflare service


  • Daily backups of your site


  • 99.9% uptime reliability


  • Affordable hosting and a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Advanced security outperforming other hosts


  • Officially recommended by WordPress


Does Siteground Offer Discounts to New Sign-Ups?


Siteground is an extremely affordable web host. And with this coupon below, you can get a huge 70% discount when you sign up. Click to access your Siteground discount and start setting up your new website.


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Which Siteground Plan Is Best?


Siteground offers three main hosting plans. The biggest differences are; price and features. Here’s a rough guide to choose the best Siteground plan for your blog;


  • StartUp. This plan is self-explanatory and a good plan to choose as a beginner blogger if you just have one site. You get all the essential features, performance boosters to keep your site fast, security and support. Suitable for up to 10,000 monthly visits and gives your site 10GB of space.


Cost: $3.95 P/M (normally $11.95)


  • GrowBig. This is the next best choice if you have more than one website. Suitable for up to 25,000 monthly visits, you get 20GB of web storage and all the usual great features.


Cost: $5.95 P/M (normally $19.95)


  • GoGeek. This Siteground plan is best for large, authority website owners with traffic of over 100,000 a month. Great for WordPress developers wanting advanced features. You get 40GB of web space, all the usual features plus a ton extra.


Cost: $11.95 P/M (normally $34.95)


siteground review




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The Benefits of Hosting with Siteground


Now we will look at the main Siteground review looking at the advantages.

Siteground is a web host with an awesome reputation. It’s recommended by WordPress, being listed on its site as a preferred domain host. Take a look at real Siteground reviews on Trustpilot and see they have been awarded 92% 5-star ratings.


Let’s go into more detail of the benefits of hosting with Siteground. 


1. Unrivalled 24/7 Customer Support


Getting support with your website as a beginner blogger is essential. If you’re anything like me, you may not be super techy and will run into problems occasionally. When I hosted with Bluehost, I was underwhelmed with their support and was often just left frustrated with no answers.


siteground review


Siteground support are available 24 hours a day on chat, email and phone. Because of Sitegrounds affiliation with WordPress, you can get help with WordPress installations, plugins, themes and any issues you may have.

One point I love about Siteground support, is that they over staff every shift! When have you ever heard of this?

They do this to ensure no customer in need is ever left waiting long and I can vouch for this! I have never waited longer than a minute for them to reply to my chat ticket.

Each representative you talk to, will be listed by his experience. So, if for some reason you can’t get an answer to your question, you’ll be passed over to a senior support analyst.


2. Free Website Transfers


Sometimes the techy side of things are a bit tricky as a beginner blogger. Luckily, Siteground is nice enough to offer a free website transfer service for you to take advantage of. After you grab your Siteground website hosting, jump onto the chat and ask them to help you out.


3. Impressive Page Load Times and Free Cloudflare Service


siteground review


Siteground servers have been built with speed in mind. Speed is essential so your website doesn’t put off visitors as soon as they get there. There’s nothing more annoying than a page just loading and loading right!

On any plan, you can take advantage of the free Cloudflare service. This is easily activated in your C-panel and will help to increase site speed by distributing access to your site all over the world. This means a user on your site will connect through a server closest to them, in the fastest amount of time.


4. Daily Backups of Your Site


Siteground backs up every website daily, regardless of what hosting plan you are on. This is a valuable service, which many other hosts don’t offer.

If someone manages to hack your site, or you make a huge error that you just can’t erase, you’ll realise how great this feature is. It worked well for me when I tried to move my website to a new theme. I messed everything up and couldn’t go back. My site was literally destroyed!

A few minutes on Siteground chat later, I had my website restored to its former glory! And, yes I didn’t try to do the same thing again. Thank goodness for affordable website services on Fiverr!


siteground review


5. 99% Uptime Reliability


Uptime is another important factor when choosing a reliable domain host. Siteground has a reliable 99.99% uptime rate which is one of the best in the industry.

Their uptime is so strong, due to the advanced technology they use. They use Linux containers which stay stable during traffic surges and do not overload easily.

They also have in-house staff who are constantly monitoring the servers for any disruption. This means they can thwart any potential problems before they cause a disaster.

Another 5-star for Siteground hosting!


6. Affordable Hosting Starting at $3.95 a Month


Like I mentioned earlier, Sitegrounds hosting fees are some of the most affordable in the industry for all the value you get. Yes, there is cheaper hosting, but you won’t find the same amount of benefits for the same price.

Remember you can get a 70% discount with my coupon code.


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And of course, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try out their hosting risk-free.


7. Advanced Security and Constantly Updated Software


Siteground offers unmatched security on a shared hosting environment. Staff are constantly updating its software and are watching what’s going on, unlike other domain hosts. A recent survey of the top five shared hosting companies, showed a large percentage using outdated software.


siteground review security infographic



8. Officially Recommended by WordPress


Yes, this is the stamp of approval by WordPress. Not every domain host will be recognised by WordPress so this is not something to be sniffed at.

WordPress are not the only ones who love them, they are trusted by the owners of over 2 million domains! I also checked their reviews on Trustpilot. They had a 92% 5-star rating and thousands of great testimonials.


siteground review officially recommended



Are There Any Disadvantages to Hosting with Siteground?


I have not personally come across any downsides to using Siteground as my domain host. But I wanted to give the best Siteground review and do lots of research. The only disadvantages I saw some people mention were;


  • A low amount of storage space. Depending on the shared hosting plan you choose you get either; 10GB, 20GB or 30GB of storage. I am on the middle plan with 20GB of space and have never encountered a problem. If you are a large, authority site that needs more than 20GB, you can purchase a dedicated hosting plan which will fix this.


  • No free domain name. Some hosting providers will offer you a free domain name on sign-up to entice you in. Siteground does not. This to me, doesn’t make that much difference as you can buy your domain name for a few dollars a year on Namecheap.


These are literally the only disadvantages I could find people mention. And they are such small, insignificant things that don’t affect the quality of the Siteground service.


Who Is Siteground Domain Hosting Right for?


Siteground is a solid, supportive and feature-rich domain host. In regards to uptime, speed, security and technical options, I believe there is no other host out there that can beat it. I have been a happy customer of Siteground for years and will continue to be.


Here’s who Siteground is right for;


  • Beginner bloggers who need extra support


  • Website owners that are new to WordPress


  • Ecommerce store owners


  • Medium-sized bloggers looking for great features


  • Larger, authority sites who value great security and fast load times


  • Professional website designers and developers


What do you think about this Siteground review? Are you going to try Siteground as your domain host? Have you had an experience with Siteground already? I’d love to know in the comments below…


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