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Are you working a full-time job that you dream of quitting daily? Maybe you work for a company that doesn’t treat you well? Every job has its downsides, even the truly amazing ones but many people find themselves working in jobs year on year, silently hating everything and everyone around them.

You might have thought about setting up your own online affiliate marketing side hustle to escape the rat race, but just feel like you never have any time?

The thing is, there are ways that you can leverage your day job and make some use of those daydreaming hours you might be wasting in the office. Instead of constantly thinking about how you hate your job, why not put some time to turning these thoughts into windows of opportunity?

I have been there and I can truly relate wholeheartedly to the stress of going to a job you hate every day and for years on end. This was my reality for most of my 20’s and I made myself feel better by partying through the weekends.

Now I’m a little older and wiser, I’m lucky enough to be building my dream life and I’m here to tell you to use that frustration and channel that energy into making a change. To make things happen, you really have to WANT to make a change and start to take action in those spare moments you can scrabble together.

It’s entirely possible to start an affiliate marketing side hustle while you have a full-time job. Starting while you still have a job is actually a great idea, as there can be an initial gap between when you start your affiliate marketing side hustle and when the money starts to roll in.

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So let’s take a look at how you can start your affiliate marketing side hustle and leverage some of that work downtime.

Make a Plan

affiliate marketing side hustle

If you have a full-time job and you want to start an affiliate marketing side hustle, you are going to need to plan your time meticulously. Every job is going to be different, but most will likely have a few windows of opportunity you can leverage and make count, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook for hours (I am guilty of this as well!).

Get yourself an hourly diary planner or use a time management app like Trello, Google calendar or Workflow for example. Cross off the hours you will be doing actual real work stuff, then in those empty pockets, you can add in tasks for your affiliate marketing side hustle.

Find the Right Balance

It’s so important to get a balance between work, your new online business, relax/exercise time and still giving yourself time with your family. Self-care is very important and if you ignore your well-being and overdo it, you can easily become stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s OK to take a day off to go out with friends and family at the weekend. It is definitely recommended to take time to exercise and keep your mind strong. If you keep your mind and body strong, you’ll have time to put more energy into your affiliate marketing side hustle.

Take Small Steps Daily

When you’re starting out with your affiliate marketing side hustle, it can be frustrating when you see other affiliate marketers seem to shoot forwards so quickly. The thing is, we all have different start points and these guys might not have a full-time job or may have been going for a year already.

Focus on small steps daily. Aim for up to three main tasks to complete a day. For example, these could be; post on Facebook, study for an hour and outreach to potential leads in your niche for an hour. Taking small steps daily and being consistent is the key and if you keep going you’ll start to see progress.

Assess Your Progress Weekly

Just like at work where you may have weekly meetings, you need to sit yourself down and look critically at how you’ve done with your affiliate marketing side hustle. Even better, get yourself an accountability partner to discuss things with honestly

Write down what you did right, what you did wrong and what you need to improve on. Take a look at your business goals and assess whether you moved any closer or you need to rethink your goals. I don’t mean you have to get all stressed and beat yourself up if you haven’t made huge steps forward. You have a lot going on with your full time job also.

Just be honest with yourself. What is working, what isn’t and adjust accordingly.

Invest in Yourself

affiliate marketing side hustle

The good thing about starting your affiliate marketing side hustle is you will have your full-time wage coming in. This is great and you should put some of this money into an educational course to get you started. Before you invest, you can leverage free training to see if you like the course.

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Invest some of your spare cash into buying a domain name and hosting for your website. It’s super simple and cheap to start up a WordPress website on Siteground and you can get going for literally a few dollars a month.

Check out this tutorial on how to set up a WordPress website on Siteground.

Having a good email autoresponder is another essential part of growing a thriving affiliate marketing business. Once you start attracting leads to your brand, you can add them to your email list. It’s an essential way to keep in touch with your followers and gives you another way to put your offers out there.

Just Get Started!

It’s totally possible to start an affiliate marketing side hustle while you still have a full-time job. I know many people who have done it and are doing it! The thing that sets these people apart though is that they are determined, hard working and resourceful.

Even if this doesn’t sound like you yet, know that you can become this type of person if you really WANT to succeed with your affiliate marketing side hustle. Just get started and use all those free pockets of time you can find and soon you’ll be handing in that resignation notice to become a full-time affiliate marketer!

Let me know in the comments below if you work full-time and want to set up an affiliate marketing business?

Or, have you tried and found it too difficult?

I’d love to know so I can help!


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