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Learn to Create Your Affiliate Marketing Blue Ocean that Your Target Niche Just Can’t Resist

Affiliate marketing is like a game of chess, there are many pieces in the game and you need to work out an affiliate marketing strategy that’ll out-smart the rest letting you take control in your niche. Part of this affiliate marketing strategy is finding your voice and getting your voice heard in a noisy market place.

You’ve probably heard about the three most lucrative niches to promote products in; health, wealth and relationships, but have you thought about creating your affiliate marketing blue ocean or even know what the hell that is!?

The term ‘blue ocean strategy’ was famously coined by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne in their book, which taught marketing strategies for business owners.

They gave famous examples of businesses and how they set themselves apart from the rest to build up their billion dollar companies.

Creating a ‘blue ocean’ for your affiliate marketing business is so important, especially when you start out promoting the same product as someone else. You have to give people a reason to buy from you, over the person with the massive social media following who is selling the same thing.

What are you going to offer someone that they’re not?

You might be thinking that you don’t have anything you can offer someone? Maybe you have no experience, no special skills?

The good thing is this doesn’t matter! Today I’m going to show you how you can boost your affiliate marketing strategy by building an irresistible offer and even show you some places where you can find FREE, valuable content to give away.

How to Build an Offer That’s Irresistible?

Think about this…. you’re selling a phone for $500 and someone else is selling the same phone for $500. They might have more authority in the phone niche, so naturally people will be drawn to buy from them.

How can you get people to buy that phone from you and actually even get people to pay MORE for it?

The answer is; creating an irresistible OFFER.

If I offered you the SAME phone but said it was $5000, you’d probably initially laugh at me right?

But what if I told you the phone came with;

  • A 10-step coaching programme with Russel Brunson
  • X10 videos on building high converting funnels
  • X5 interviews with famous marketers revealing their affiliate marketing secrets loaded onto the phone
  • X5 audiobooks written by famous marketers
  • Every app you need loaded onto the phone to help you build your business
  • Free software like Clickfunnels, an email autoresponder and an already set-up website

I could go on……

If the phone came with all that, would you pay $5000 for it? I think anyone would who was interested in building their own successful affiliate marketing business.

The perceived value has been increased tenfold!

Creating Your Offer or ‘Stack Slide’

You might be thinking – ‘’but I don’t have 10 videos on building funnels or a Russel Brunson course to give away etc’’.

This is absolutely fine and most people won’t.

The good thing is there are plenty of ways you can build your own stack slide, using free options from the internet or just creating them yourself.

You may THINK you have no value to give, but in reality you’re probably still many chapters ahead in the book than some people and can give value to those on the same journey as you.

Ideas for your offer or stack slide;

  • Write an e-book (or write down bullet points for each chapter and get someone on Fiverr.com to write it for you)
  • Research PLR products on Google. Type PLR (your niche) into Google and a ton of already written eBooks, information sheets and training videos will come up that you can purchase the rights to and use yourself
  • Start a newsletter
  • Go to Gutenberg.org where you can find free texts in the public domain, available for anyone to use
  • Create an audiobook from a physical book. Audiobooks have a higher perceived value than normal books
  • Contact people in your niche and ask to interview them. You can build a library of valuable interviews and many people will usually allow you to interview them for free
  • Compile a batch of ‘hard to find’ podcasts, your niche will find valuable
  • Create a series of training videos
  • Give away a software swipe file that will help people get a step up in their business
  • Recycle your old content into a useful eBook or training video
  • Create a membership site you give people free access to on sign up
  • Create a cheatsheet of email or social media scripts that can be re-used
  • Offer a free coaching call with you or calls on a weekly basis, if you’re selling an information product. People may benefit from extra guidance if you’re selling a course
  • A pre-built funnel or simple website

The list is literally endless of what you could add to your offer and we haven’t even touched on physical products you could give away.

Do a little brainstorming of your product and have a think on what would really compliment the product you have and get your audience seeing your offer as irresistible.

Do you have an ‘offer’ already or just a product to promote? Let me know in the comments below.

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See you there!


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