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Clickfunnels is a funnel building software created by Russel Brunson that gives you EVERYTHING you need to market, deliver and sell your products or services without employing an expensive tech team.

No matter what affiliate marketing niche or business you are in, you need a sales funnel that is high converting. Clickfunnels gives you the chance to build your own sales funnels with simple drag and drop software or choose to use pre-made, proven funnels that are already uploaded in the programme.

Once you sign up for your 14-day FREE Clickfunnels trial, you’ll be able to start building a funnel to take people to your affiliate marketing offers.

You can choose from the hundreds of ready-made funnels in all different industries including; professional services, ecommerce, retail, B2B, network marketing and many others. Alongside this, you can select a funnel that matches your EXACT end goal eg; to generate leads, sell a product or promote an event.

You can track your funnels success and tweak when necessary, integrate your auto responders and even run webinars using Clickfunnels. Here are the reasons EVERY business will benefit from using Clickfunnels.

Save Time and Money Building Funnels

It used to be that you had to employ expensive coders and tech experts to build out sales funnels for your business. Now you can become your own funnel expert and build out your own high converting sales funnels fast.

Anyone can learn to build a funnel within a few hours and start generating new leads and putting their offers in front of potential customers. The good thing about an affiliate marketing sales funnel, is that its evergreen and will be working to generate you leads and sales, even when you’re asleep!

Increase Brand Awareness and Generate Leads

You can use a sales funnel to increase brand awareness. By creating a free giveaway, you can put this in front of people in exchange for their email address and take them through a funnel onto your list. This can be done for free when you start as an affiliate marketer, promoting your lead magnet funnel on your social media channels.

Once you have more of a budget, you can promote your Clickfunnels funnel through paid Facebook ads, Instagram ads/influencer marketing, YouTube ads and promotion on Google. Once people opt-in to your funnel and claim their free giveaway, you can nurture the relationship by keeping in touch through email.

Automate the Selling Process

If you want to make money online affiliate marketing or with any other online business, you’re probably looking to automate some of the process so you can enjoy more freedom to travel or be with the family.

Thankfully in the digital age, we no longer have to walk door to door to sell what we have to offer. We can sell to people all over the world and a sales funnel is like a mini salesman who will do a lot of the selling for you.

You might have to tweak your sales funnel a few times at the start, to get it working at optimal capacity, but once you get it right, it’ll generate you leads and sales on autopilot.

Track Prospects and Split Test Offers

Prospects will usually go through the stages of; awareness, interest, decision, purchase and retention. If you try and sell your product or affiliate offer to everyone, you’ll probably end up with very little results.

Building a funnel on Clickfunnels, will help you gather prospects up who are qualified and interested in what you have to offer.

Once you take prospects into your funnel, you can then nurture their journey and track their progress through funnel analytics.

The split test option in Clickfunnels funnel builder, allows you to duplicate a funnel you’ve made and make slight changes to it to see which performs best. This can be something as simple as changing an image up, changing the header text, changing the colours of the funnel or wording your call to action in a different way.

Boost Order Value with Upsells

Upsells are extra products you can offer to your customer on the backend (as they reach checkout), to bump up the potential order value.

Upsells should be relevant with the main order, otherwise they’ll simply be ignored or thought of as spam. If they accept the first upsell, you can even present them with a second upsell.

Clickfunnels gives you all the features you need to easily add upsells to your affiliate marketing funnels.

Upsells are a great way to increase order value and give you extra money to put back into marketing your business.

There is so much you can do with Clickfunnels and it really gives you everything you need to build your business up from small beginnings to big profits.

Remember you can take advantage of the 14-day FREE Clickfunnels trial which gives you some time to play around with the software to see if it’s right for you.

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